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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Black Ice by Anne Stuart

Spoiler Warning!

 My Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Theme: Older Man/Younger Woman

Sex Level: Leave it to your imagination

The Hero: Bastien Toussaint

The Heroine: Chloe Underwood

Recommendation: To anyone that is a fan of Anne Stuart and haven't read her Ice Series yet. Anyone that love to read about dangerous bad boys and to anyone that loves the theme, older man.younger woman.

This is the second book that I have read by Mrs. Anne Stuart. I love her writing style. Black Ice is actually the first book in the Ice Series and Fire and Ice is the last book. I have read Fire and Ice first and then this book. I prefer Fire and Ice over this book.

I don't usually like to bring up errors in books, because as a writer myself, I know that errors can be missed in stories.I just want to let anyone that reads my review and is thinking about reading this book know that there is an age error in regards to the hero. I could be wrong, but I strongly believe that Mrs. Anne intended for Bastien to be 34 years old and not 32 years old. Why?, because 34 years old stands tall in the book, although it's stated that he's 32 years old. You first learn that he's 34 years old and then 32 years old and then back to 34 years old. Unless, my eyes have read wrong that's the error I have seen in the book. I am not afraid to stand corrected.

Bastien is stated as being 10 years older than Chloe, but that's not right. He's 11 years older than she is, because she's 23 years old and if he was 32 years old, he would be nine years older than she was, unless Mrs. Anne was looking at a up coming birthday for Chloe - like a silent month.

Chloe is a translator. She lives in Paris with her best friend Syvlia, who also is a translator. One day, Sylvia demanded Chloe to take a translating job for her, because she wanted to go spend time with her much older boyfriend, who happened to be in his late 60's. She wanted Chloe to her without being her. She packed things that belong to her for Chloe to wear. Chloe could have used the money. The job required her to be able to translate English and French for business men. Little did Chloe know that these men were bad men. Sylvia was clueless to this fact as well.

When Chloe gets to her destination, at first her service was being turned around, but that changed, but not without distrust. The people at her destination were people that didn't trust anyone and that include their partners. They were basically enemies working together. This is where Chloe meets Bastien.

Bastien is a good observer, he quickly picked up on Chloe's pretend to be dumb to any other languages besides English and French. She's was lucky, he was the only bad guy that did so.

I know that Bastien was a bad guy. A dangerous bad guy - one that was looking forward to dying.He had the "I don't care if I live or die" attitude.He no longer wanted to do what he was doing with the present role he was in as well as work for the Committee anymore. He was working uncover as a ruthless person, although he could kill without blinking his eyes. The people he was around were bad people too, but he wasn't part of their team. He was a part of The Committee. A group of bad people that likes to get rid of other bad people, to save innocent lives. Why do I call the Committee bad people? Well, the title of assassin wouldn't be part of their status, if they weren't.

I hated that Bastien was a womanizer. I know he was playing a role, but the line wasn't invisible.Bastien walked this road a long time. He started young. I hated that in order for him to get information from women, he used sex. Plus, he took the sex to another level. I will not say when, but it's in the book. I don't want to spoil that part, but I didn't like it.

Chloe was naive. She was asking to be killed. Lol, okay, maybe she wasn't asking to be killed, but she did k now that she was in the midst of wolves and she was their special meal. Why put gas on the wood and light a match. Never try to be sassy in the midst of men that you know are bad men.All I'm going to say is that questions aren't important!

She clinched to Bastien. I know that others may not see this, but she had sex on her mind. 

Okay, let me end this long review. The book is a good fast read.

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