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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Against The Odds by Jewels Adams

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
This is the first book that I have read by Jewel Adams and I've really enjoyed it. I really don't care for books that are in first person, but I liked Mrs. Adams' voice in this book. This is a sweet romance book.

The book is about a woman named Raine, who's a sucessful model and who has gotten divorced from a selfish man. A man that didn't love her one bit. He wants to go play in the chicken pen and thinks he still deserves to have royalty as well.

I'm glad that Raine realized that she deserved better than Jerome. She didn't really married him in the first place, because she was in love with him. Yet, while being married to him, she wanted to be the best wife she could be and treat him with respect and even love him to. She even blindly accepted him wanting to play in the chicken pen, until she woke up.

She didn't need him. She moved on with her life. She moved to New Mexico and went stay with some friends of hers. Caroline and David McKade. That's where she needed to be. A new environment. Model meets farm live.

There she met Hayden Mckade - David's brother.

I like how they became instant friends first and grew into a lovers.

Mrs. Jewel had the Raha seasoning spicing up this love story from the time they have met to the end of the story and when I say spicing up the story, I don't mean sex. There is no detailed sex in this story. I'm talking about the never ending connection between Raine and Hayden in this story. They have fallen deeply in love with each other and neither one wanted the love to die. Their love has been tested, but yet, the seasoning was strong.

Although, this is an interracial story about a black woman and white man falling in love and getting their HEA - the story isn't about race. I mean, the story is about two human being that are in love.

Race should never have a covering on love.

In my opinion, love is colorblind and this story is one of the many stories that is a prime example of that.

My book was an ebook and it was 210 pages, not the 178 pages that the original book is. Mrs. Jewel has added more to the ebook and I'm glad that she did.

I hope one day to own the printed version as well.

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