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Monday, March 22, 2010

Fire and Ice by Anne Stuart

Fire and Ice is the first book that I have read by Mrs. Anne Stuart. She's my kind of writer. She's a tension writer and I love reading and writing tension. We also have dialogue in common.

Fire and Ice is her last book to her Ice series. I want to go back and read her other books. My buddy Danielle likes this author. She's one of her favorite authors and she highly recommend this author and her work and I can see why.
I've given the books 4/5 stars.

In this book, Mrs. Stuart has a hero named Reno. He's a rebel. He has long red hair, a teardrop tattoo on his cheekbone and another tattoo on his arm, if I am not mistaken. He's a killing machine. That's his life. Although, I have never seen the movie Ninja Assassin and only seen the trailer, I have to say that, Reno reminds me of Rain/Raizo.

Reno had killed a lot of men in this book. Why? To protect Jilly, his cousin's Taka's sister-in-law.
Jilly is this 20 year old young woman, who is running to Japan to seek comfort from her older sister, because she did something that she regrets and that's sleeping with her slim ball boyfriend. He just wanted sex from her and laughed at her, afterwards.  She didn't know how to handle that kind of rejection. The young lady is a nerd. Smarty. She graduated high school at 15 years old and college at 18 years old. In my opinion, she was experimenting. She experimenting kissing for the first time with her tutor or was that a tutor?
She has a huge crush on Reno. Every sense she saw him two years prior, she fell deeply into a crush with him. But, she doesn't know that he knows that fact. Her sister knows and her sister told him. Reno is twenty seven years old.

Reno learned that Jilly was going to Japan. She was clueless to the fact that her sister and her husband was in hiding from the Russians. Reno volunteers to go be her hero. Reno and his family believes in protecting family and although she wasn't his family, she was his cousin's family and that made her part of the family, so he needed to protect her.

Those two didn't get alone. Of course, Reno, being the bad guy that he is. He treated her bad and talked to her bad. That's the character of a bad boy. He's going to say hurtful things to the heroine - one, because he wants to protect her from the bad guy and that bad guy can be himself and two, because he likes her. He's falling deeply in love with her and is scared.

Why are heroes scared to fall in love with the heroine? We have yet to find out.
There's a scene where they go to spend the night in a Japanese capsule. I had to look that up and I have to say that thing is not made for two people. I don't think that I could sleep in something like that. Can I say, Claustrophia?

Reno fought hard not to fall in love with the annoying Jilly. When she saved his life and went into quiet land, he was wishing that she was annoying then.

I'm glad that their love scenes weren't too detailed. In my opinion it was more on the line of leave it to the imagination. Mrs. Stuart let her readers know what Reno and Jilly was doing, but didn't go there and I am glad she didn't.

Sex doesn't move me. I can do without sex. Give me tension and a love story.
I recommend this book to anyone that loves an action pack book and a bad boy with red heart, bleeding white blood.

I hope to find more books by Mrs. Stuart.


  1. Sounds like a good book.

    I found you from the link on Goodreads. I look forward to getting to know you better. :)


  2. Hi Kimberly, thanks for stopping by. Fire and Ice was a good read to me. I hope when you read it, it's a good read for you as well.

  3. Loved this series but the best one is the third installment about Taka and Summer. They really need to be read in order. However, Stuart's best book, if you can find it, is Banish Misfortune from 1985.

  4. I will be reading Taka and Summer's book soon. I'll probably find Banish Misfortune at a book sale one day. I usually come across older books by different authors.