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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sam Starrett and Ashton "Ash" Starrett Relationship

Before leaving work today, Sam and Ashton came to my mind and this is why I believe Suzanne is letting Sam have more "book time" with Ash. She's showing what a father and son relationship is suppose to be like. Sam's father would beat him, when he was younger. How he treated Sam, I doubt that the man spent time with him, when he was a baby. He probably did some horrible things to Sam then too. Sam loves his son and he's there for his son. He's a father to his son, something his father never was. I am happy that Sam had a chance to meet his uncle Walter. Walter showed Sam was love was all about and how to treat "a son."

Before the news of Alyssa being pregnant in All Through The Night, I've told two of my buddies that I had a feeling that Alyssa was going to be pregnant and that she was going to have a son and eventually that is what happened. I am glad that they had a son. I wanted Ash to be a mommy's boy, which I think he still is, but I am glad that she's a father's boy too. Sam needed a son. He need a father and son bond. He missed out on having a real father. He's going to be there for Ash.

I hope to read more about Sam, Alyssa and Ash later on. I want to see more Alyssa and Ash time as well. I want to see the three spend more time too.


  1. I'm just reading "Dark of Night" now (it's been a long time since I read "All Through The Night) I saw mention of Ash, and I was like, what, Alyssa had a BABY?? When did that happen, how did I miss it?

  2. LOL Xanthe, yes Alyssa had a baby. He's said to look like her and has Sam's eyes, but I am sure, she can see Sam in him. I can see him mimicking Sam.