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Friday, September 11, 2009

One White Rose By Julie Garwood

My Rating: 5 stars

Brother's Story: Douglas'

It feels nice to go back and reread about the Claybornes. I have the combination book - The Clayborne Brides, but Tuesday, September 8, 2009, I had a chance to go to the library and found a copy of the single book - One White Rose and I am happy that I did. I use to own the single copy to all three books, but not anymore.

Douglas story is cute. 

Douglas and Isabel were meant to be together. Thank goodness, he came to her house to pay her husband for a horse he bought and never seen. If he hadn't, who knows what would have happen to Isabel. The poor woman was a widow and going to be having a baby. 

She couldn't get any help, because of the town's bully. Boyle. He was so mean, he didn't care that Isabel was a widow. He probably killed her husband or had him killed. Most likely it the murder was caused by Boyle's action.

He wouldn't let the doctor go and check on Isabel, neither was she able to leave her house. When I have gotten to the part, where Douglas bought groceries he stole from a store in town - I couldn't help but wonder about Isabel and her son, Parker. They would have died. 

Isabel was eventually going to run out of food and since she couldn't go into town to get any food, she was going to die. Boyle wanted her to marry him, but she didn't like him. I don't blame her.

As always, Cole is Cole. He makes me laugh. He can be messy too. 

Ms. Garwood knows how to bring stories to life.

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