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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot Pursuit By Suzanne Brockmann

Rating: (Because of Sam and Alyssa) 3.5/5.0 stars,

I want to start this post off by saying that I think that Suzanne Brockmann is a very good story teller. She has been telling stories for a long time now. I'm happy that she has written some more about Sam and Alyssa. They are the reason why I read her Troubleshooter, Inc. stories. I am a huge fan of Sam and Alyssa and now a new edition - Ash Starrett. Of course, I love Dave and Sophia too. I wouldn't mind if Suzanne written short stories about them or even another book about them.

I don't know who will be reading this post, but I do want to say that I am not trying to get people not to read this book. I'm only stating my opinion on this book. Don't go by my review to determine if you will read the book or not or even if you will like the book or not. Make your own decision about the book.

Ever since I have heard that Suzanne was writing another book about Sam and Alyssa, I couldn't wait until Hot Pursuit came out, because I needed my Sam fix. I wish that this book was focus on only Sam and Alyssa, like solo books are focus on the hero and the heroine. Gillman is in this book. Gillmann and Jenn are the secondary romance in this book. I'm saying secondary, because although Sam and Alyssa have their HEA already, they are the first romance in this book in my opinion. They are the married romance. Sam and Alyssa are truly in love with one another and it clearly shows in every story about them. They are a perfect match. I can't see them with anyone else, besides each other.

My post is mostly about Sam and Alyssa, so let me say a little about Gillman, so that I can move on to Sam and Alyssa.

Gillman was truly in love with Sophia. If he could have had a chance with her, he would have been so happy. But, I am happy that Sophia meant what she told Gillman about seeing him just as a friend. I wish that Mrs. Brockmann would have let us see Gillman's reaction to finding out for the first time that Sophia and Dave was a couple. In Into The Fire, he was in the car with Dave, when Dave told Sophia that he was in love with her. I'm happy that Sophia is with Dave. He was always the one for her.

Gillman found himself a good woman. Jenn. She was a beautiful heavy set woman or a big bone woman. Her size doesn't make her less attractive. Gillman and Jenn hook up for purely sex. Which, I hate. I know that Suzanne has written her Seals as men that love having sex with no strings attached. I have never met a real life Navy Seal, but I don't think that all Seals, before marriage thinks like that. I don't even think that all men, before marriage thinks that way.

We get to see why Gillman acts the way that he does. He's trying to walk along, but he needs good people in his life to be there for him. I really wish that him and Izzy would squash how they feel for one another and become friends. Izzy was in this story and he and Gillman wore fighting shoes. If they take out the time to really get to know one another, they would see that they like one another. Gillman needs let Izzy be a married man. He needs to love his sister. She needs his love and not his hate. She's going through something right now and who knows how long she will be in her present condition. She doesn't want to see Izzy. She wants a divorce. I think that's what I remember reading. Izzy is truly in love with her and wants to be with her. He's older than she is, but they can work, if they are both willing to make it work. I hope that Eden hasn't hook up with another guy in Europe. Izzy doesn't need that. He's a good person, a little immature, but still a good person. If she doesn't want him. He needs to move on and get medicine to heal his broken heart. No one can make someone want them. But, if Suzanne has him move on, she needs to hook up with someone that will love him for who he is and not for what they want him to be.

Okay that's enough talk about Gillman and Izzy. I'm moving on to Sam and Alyssa.

I truly felt that Sam was soft in this story. I found it hard to believe that Sam would allow detective Mick to talk crazy to Alyssa, all because he didn't like the fact that a woman was in charge. Not 0nly those Mick talk crazy to Alyssa, when she leaves the room to go talk to Maria, the woman she was hired to go teach self defense to. Detective Mick insults Alyssa, calling her out of her name, while Sam just stands there. Sam actually waits until the man, implies that Alyssa needs to be gang rape, before he manhandled the man. Detective Mick called Alyssa the female dog and Sam didn't do anything, to say he's in love with Alyssa. When Wildcard called her a female dog in Over The Edge, Sam attacked him. Why is detective Mick different? That incident is hard for me to believe that Sam would do. I believe that the old Sam would have moved faster and not only that, he wouldn't have allowed detective Mick to pull a gun out on him and kick him. The detective actually broke one of Sam's ribs.

Also, I wished that Sam would have gone to the hospital to get himself check. I would have rather see him pay $50.00 to be told to take some medicine, then see the broken rib cause another body ache. He must really have a high tolerance of pain, because I don't recall reading that he has taken any aspirin, unless he did so behind closed doors. I didn't like seeing Sam suffer like that.

Let me touch up a little about Alyssa. I know that she's this tough woman and all and she's very good at what she does and she's requested a lot, but -

Hold that but, let me say something that I found hard to believe and that's Alyssa was too busy to have book time with her son. I've noticed that even in Dark of Night, we only see Alyssa holding Ash briefly, when they first get to the safe house. He spent most of his time with Sam. I wanted to see solo parts with Alyssa and Ash (besides the feeding part), as well as family parts with Sam , Alyssa and Ash. It would have been nice to hear Ash say "Ma" - he gave Sam a shout out. He said "Da".

There's a scene in the book, where Sam and Alyssa go check up on their fussy baby and he stands up in his crib. Alyssa asked Sam if he ever did that before. I couldn't help but wonder why, would she ask that question. Of course, Sam would have told her and in bookland, Ash would have done it just so that she could see him do it for her first time. A special mother and son moment.

A child learning how to walk is a special moment. I wished that Ashton has learned how to walk by either Sam or Alyssa and not Robin. I mean, to me that should have been a parent's special moment. I think it would have been cute to have Sam surprise Alyssa, when she came back from trying to find out who the killer was - to have her see their son talking his first solo steps towards her.

Ash never crawled. He would get around by using his buttocks and legs. He went from that to walking. Robin was going to try to teach him how to crawl. I have to say that, I have never seen a baby that walked, before crawling. Anyway, a baby can skip crawling and I am sure, Ash looked too cute moving around with his buttocks and legs. He's one of those plump babies.

Alyssa was offer a job by the president and Sam was thinking that him and Ash could go somewhere, where it would be a short travel for Alyssa to come meet them. This part kind of bothered me a little, because Alyssa would have been away for a month. The Starrett have decided that they weren't going to take any jobs overseas, because of them becoming parents to Ash and he was a new baby. But now that he's 10 months old. Alyssa wanted to take the job. I'm not against Alyssa working. That's a good thing for her. But, I wouldn't want to be that far away from my baby and that long away from my baby or even from my husband. Which, if possible, she would be able to be with Sam and Ash a few days out of that month. Maybe 8. Still! I would hope in future stories about them, they be partners and not go on many solo missions. Sam loves guarding Alyssa's back and she loves guarding his back. Both of them don't need to get hurt any more or at least for a long time. It seems that they get hurts on mission. Not all the time, but they have a few times.

I have to admit reading Hot Pursuit, where Alyssa made it known that she was going to take the job for the president, I've gotten future thick tension vibe, between Sam and Alyssa. I'm not saying this is going to happen, but a separation can occur, but of course, in romance land, this kind of stuff doesn't happen with couples, right? I mean, I've never read a book, where the married hero and heroine separated. Too much time apart is not good for a married couple. Too much time apart is not good for a mother/child or father/child. Ash needs both of his parents in his life and he needs to be shown, spending time with both parents, not just one. I don't know why,  Suzanne has written Ash being more with Sam, when his job is as important as Alyssa's job. In Hot Pursuit, he was working along Alyssa and still was shown with Ashton. He held their son, more than Alyssa. She only held the child, when she breast fed him in one scene. I don't like that display of this family.  

I want Sam, Alyssa and Ash to be happy. I love Sam and Alyssa and Ash! 

I've read that Suzanne is going to be writing more about Sam and Alyssa. I want their story to continue forever.

Boy, I've said a mouth full. I'm ending this post now.

Book read: 08-06-09 to 08-09-09

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