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Monday, August 31, 2009

For The Roses By Julie Garwood

For The Roses is a 5 stars book. I've first read this story, back in 2000 and recently done a read read in this month, August 2009. Wow! Nine years have passed and I have finally gotten a chance to reread this wonderful book. Ms. Garwood has done an excellent job with this book. Her characters came alive on the pages. It was as if, I was watching them on TV. That's how real they are.

I love rereading books, because it's like visiting old friends. Rereading a book is also good, to catch things that you have missed the first time and I have to say, in 9 years, although, I remembered a lot about this book, there were still some things that stood out to me in the book, after reading it after 9 years.

What I like about this book is that this book is about a family that was built on trust. None of the members of this family shared the same blood and that what makes this family unique. In truth, people don't have to share the same blood, to be family. Being a family goes deeper than blood. Blood may be thick, but blood isn't purer than a true family and that's what the Claybornes are - a true family.

Ms. Garwood had made a family out of 4 boys (Adam; A slave, Douglas, Cole and Travis), 1 baby girl (Mary Rose) and a slave woman( Adam's mother- Mama Rose).

Adam had to run away from the South, because of what happened to his master. He was only 13 years old. Cole met him in New York and stuck to him like glue, because Adam was his protector. To me out of all the brothers, Adam and Cole is the closets. It started from their connection. Cole is spoiled to Adam. He looks up to him and would die for Adam. When Cole first seen Adam, he doesn't see color. He doesn't see a slave. No, all of this is not written in the book, but Cole does explain how him came about hanging around Adam. Cole father's didn't want him, after his mother died giving birth to him, so he basically threw him away. Douglas and Travis were thrown away as well. Mary Rose was thrown away too, but not by her parents. But by a betrayer. I'm happy that the 5 went down the path that they have, for if they didn't, they wouldn't be the Claybornes. Travis gave them all his last name.

The four boys were a little gang. Not a bad gang. They helped one another. One day, Douglas spotted a basket being thrown in a trashcan. Come to find out, it was a baby girl. At first, after rescuing the basket from rats and looking inside, the baby was mistaken to be a boy, because it was bald. Cole gave the baby the name Sidney, but due to the baby needing a changing of cloth diaper - the boys discovered they had a girl on their hands. The baby needed a name, so Cole suggested Mary, after his mother. Adam suggested Rose, after his mother. Of course the boys gave their reasons, for wanting her to be named after their mother. To squash the argument, Douglas suggested that the baby have both of their mother's name - Mary Rose.

Because of Mary Rose, the boys decided to become a family. They became brothers that day and she became their sister.

I love what Adam said, after being hesitant about running, especially with a white baby girl. Since he was a slave, something bad could have happen to him. But, he didn't want to leave his friends - now brothers, hanging. He wanted to be part of this family. He said: "For The Roses."

I have to admit, I didn't pick that up the first time, I've read this book, but it stuck out to me, this time around. The name of the book is For The Roses. Everything that the boys have done, from that point on, was for Mama Rose and Mary Rose. How cute!

I love how the Douglas, Cole, Travis and Mary Rose accepted Mama Rose as their mother. A woman they have never met, but have gotten to know over the years. She probably wasn't with them, but she sure was a mother to them. She didn't treat any of them differently. She didn't favor Adam more, because he was her biological son. She would correct him too, if he was in the wrong. Mary Rose would always write to her mother and complain on her brothers, especially, when they didn't let her have her way. Her brothers spoiled her, but they have also corrected her when she was wrong. Of course, she had them wrapped around her finger. I have to say that out of all the brothers, she was closer to Adam and Cole to me. LOL, Cole called her Sidney to remind her not to be uppity.

Mary Rose would write her mother a lot. LOL, when she was younger, she didn't like being a girl. She didn't understand why she had to be growing a chest and she had punched two boys for taking a bold step towards her. Both boys kissed her and she found that to be gross. Her behavior is one of the reasons, her brothers sent her to a boarding school.

Shortly after Mary Rose returned home from boarding school, a new man came to town. He's a lawyer named Harrison MacDonald. He came in search for the truth, behind a kidnapped baby girl, which turned out to be Mary Rose. When he first sees her in Blue Belle, he couldn't help but think that he was seeing her dead mother - Lady Agatha.

Mary Rose and Harrison meet and she introduce her to two of her brothers she rode to town with. Cole and Douglas. Harrison had a hard time believing they were her brothers. Well, Cole and Mary Rose did favor. They both are blond with blue eyes. After he meets Travis and Adam, he definitely had a hard time, believing that Mary Rose was kin to any of those men. Adam was black.

The time that Harrison spends with the family is funny. Their behavior seemed strange to him. Example: They weren't of one religion. Every three months they change religion.

To make a long story short. Harrison tells Mary Rose's brother why he came. He tells them that Mary Rose is Victoria. Lady Agatha and Lord Elliot's long lost daughter. Mary Rose and Harrison gets married. She goes back to England to meet her father and family. Her father and family wanted her to forget about her brothers and focus on being part of their family. Of course Mary Rose couldn't do that. She tried to become Victoria for her father and family, but she wasn't happy. She wasn't being true to herself. Mary Rose returns home. Adam goes on trial for killing his slave master, which he didn't kill him. Adam only tried to protect him from beating his wife, Livonia some more. The man was crazy. Adam was only 13 years old. Yes, he pulls the man off his wife and even punches him, but that didn't kill the man. The man was drunk. He slipped and hit his head on a mantle. Livonia is the one that told Adam to run and so he did and after all these years, her son came to cause trouble. They wanted Adam to pay for killing their father. Of course, they didn't have any evidence. They have misread what Adam wrote to his mother in regards to his slave master. They read, "I kill him mother." - which Adam never written. The sons were so cruel and just like their father. They beat their own mother badly- trying to make her write a confession that Adam killed her husband. Those sons didn't love their mother. They became just like their father. Their own mother tried to protect them, from getting beat by their father. She would hide them behind her, while their father would beat her for them. This is some way to treat their mother. They kill their mother. Eventually she died.

Wow! This thread is long, but I had to give highlights about this wonderful book.

I like all the brothers, but Cole Clayborne is my favorite brother. He stood out to me. He's a good bad boy!

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