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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dark Of Night By Suzanne Brockmann

I have finished this book today. I have gotten it from the libray yesterday.  This book gets 5 stars. Mrs. Brockmann has done an excellent job with this book.

I have to say that Mrs. Brockmann had touched me with this book via Nash and his comment in regards to Dave. In this book, Nash wants Dave to know that he's alive. He tells Decker that, besides him, Dave is his only other friend. That was truly deep! In Flashpoint, the first book that Dave and Nash was in. Nash didn't like Dave. He thought of Dave as a freak. But, his attitude towards Dave has changed in the Into The Fire. Dark of Night is the sequel to Into The Fire.

I truly do love Dave. He's a very good person. In this book, we see that Dave and Sophia had went full force into a relationship, moving from best friends to lovers. Sophia even wanted to make room for Dave. Giving him a draw to her dresser and making room for him, in her closet. She wanted to do that, when the time was right. 

Dave truly goes through in this book. His heart is in his hand. He's so much in love with Sophia. 

Sophia's aunt Maureen calls, when Dave was at her house. She was talking a shower and the phone was getting to Dave. I can understand. I can't stand a ringing phone. Dave asked Sophia, if he could answer the phone and she tells him, he doesn't have to, but he does. Her aunt called to tell her that her father was dying. Dave didn't care and he didn't think that Sophia should care. It's sad to find out that Dave found out by Sophia that her parents left her in Kazebekistan, when she was 11 years old. She told him that she was a teenager. Sophia has basically, been on her own, since she was 11 years old. Poor thing. She had to pretend that she was a boy to survive. Her mother had cut her hair, due to lice problem and well, it helped her playing as a boy. The landlord kicked her out of the house, because she didn't have any money to give him. So sad! Sophia's life. 

Sophia didn't want to go visit her father in the hospital and Dave wasn't going to go, if she didn't want to go. But, they wind up going. At the hospital, after Sophia and Dave's visit with her father,  in the parking lot, while Dave is going to get the car, because it was raining - Dave gets attacked. He fights the attacker. Knocking two knives out of his hand, but the evil man had a third knife and he stabs Dave. Thanks to Dave calling the cops, prior to the man attacking him, the cops scared the attacker away. Just to find a dead body by Dave's car. A man that Dave use to work with. A man that was investigating Anise's death. They think that Dave killed his fiancee. (That was was evil, she tired to have Dave killed.) . In the hospital, Sophia finds out some stuff that she didn't know. Things that Dave didn't tell her. She found out that Dave slept with Anise protected and found that to be strange, because Dave had gotten an STD from Anise. The woman that was Dave's first. Later Dave explained to Sophia how he had caught the disease.

Dave questions Sophia's for him. They had tension in this story. Decker was a sour topic and that made Dave get upset. Dave knew that Sophia had feelings for Decker and he thought that Sophia was being with him, because of a rebound. That she was making him, her Decker. Little did he know that Sophia wasn't in love with Decker, she was truly infatuated with him. She was in love him. She even tells him that she loved him more than she even loved her husband.

Speaking of her husband. Dave went on a private assignment. Back to Kazebekistan to find out some information about Sophia, since she never told him about Dimitri. He wanted to know her better. Dave found out that Dimitri was killed in the front of Sophia and not only that, her husband's head was put on a display, to make her do things with other men. The only time the head was thrown out, is when too many flies came. That's sick. The evil Bashir kept Sophia's husband's head in her room. Poor Sophia. I am so happy that she was rescued. She truly needed Dave. Someone to talk to. Someone to be there for her. Someone as a best friend, before lover.

I love Dave and I am glad that he had a chance to talk to Wildcard. Wildcard and Tom picked Sophia and Dave up from the airport. At the hotel, Wildcard encouraged Dave. He told Dave that he knows that he could breeze through BUD/S. Dave never felt like he fit in. He wasn't a Navy Seal or even Ex-Seal. But, a hero doesn't always come in a mighty man outfit. Dave is truly a hero. He was a hero in Into The Fire and in Dark of Night. 

Dave was always Sophia's hero.  Reading the books, they are in,  it's clearly there.

Dave and Sophia are going to be parents. Dave truly thinks about a girl. He wants her name to be Marianne. I think that they should have a girl, so that Dave can have his daddy's little girl. If they have a boy, no matter what Dave thinks about a boy, being called the same name as his father and the child running to the mother, thinking she's calling him, when she is calling the father. I think that Dave Junior would be a good name. They could always call him DJ.

Decker winds up with Tracy in this story. Their fits seems real. Decker was never in love with Sophia. Sophia wasn't his type. Tracy, Tess and Dr. Jo was Decker's type. I don't have much to say about them.

Oh, my sexy Cowboy(Sam Starrett) is in this story, with his beautiful wife (Alyssa) and their baby. Ashton (Ash). He's so cute. He looks like Alyssa, but has his daddy's eyes.  Oh, Asthon gets excited, when Nash is holding him and he hears his mother's voice over the intercom.

Sam teaches Nash how to change a diaper. He warns Nash to cover Ash's package, if not, he would get sprayed in the face. Sam gives Nash relationship advise. Oh, and he cooks. He gives credit to his Uncle Walter for teaching him how to cook. Sam doesn't uses sauce to barbecue. He makes his own sauce. I love Sam.

This book has a lot of great moments. Again, Suzanne has done a great job. The love between Sophia and Dave is real!



  1. I'm so glad to hear that things work out for Dave. He's a cool guy and I think I like him so much because you love him. Great to see Sam and Alyssa and their baby Ash. What a great name.

  2. Yes, Ash is a great name. I'm so happy that Sam and Alyssa had a baby and a boy at that.