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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding The Highlander by Janet Chapman

Mrs. Janet Chapman is one of my new author reads of 2008. I have started this book in December 2008 and finished it in a week ago. I found this book to be quite funny. I'm not a fan of time travel stories, which I have to say that this book only talks about time traveling. The hero: Michael MacBain has already travel from a previous book. I am also not a fan of paranormal books either. The paranormal theme wasn't a big issue in this book. 

The heroine in this story is 30 year old Elizabeth Hart. She's a doctor. One day, while at work, she prays with this man for his wife, whom she is about to go operator on, when she gets to the operator room and is about to cut on the woman, she was stopped and to her surprise the woman was healed and didn't need any surgery. Elizabeth leaves the room and goes visit an ex-patient of hers, a little boy who was in a comma. She prays for him too and he wakes up from the comman. Both incidents freaks Elizabeth out. She leaves the hospital. James, another doctor and an ex-boyfriend was curious as to what happend to his patient. He knew the boy was in a comma, but surprisely woken up after Elizabeth goes to visit him. James tried contacting Elizabeth. She doesn't answer his calls, but she does call her mother and tell her what happend at the hospital. According to Elizabeth's grandmother, she had the gift and she had a white string of hair to prove it. I am assuming the white hair was like Rouge's hair from the X-men.

Elizabeth decided she needed to get away, because she couldn't explain what happend at the hospital to James or anyone. She found an ad of a little boy name Robbie looking for a tenant. Elizabeth leaves California and moves to Pine Creek, Maine. The first person she meets is Michael McBain. Robbie's father. He rescues her from the pond her car lands in. To Elizabeth this man was a giant. Goliath. Mrs. Chapman keep describing this man as being very tall and large. Elizabeth, who is now going by Libby is short. I don't think she's under 5ft tall. In the book, it states that she's 5ft 3" with heels on. She is referred to as being tiny and jokes are made about her height. 

Robbie is eight years old, but doesn't appear to be that young, because of how tall he is. He is mistaken for being 12 years old. He's very smart and his main goal is to find himself a mother and his father a wife. He's mother died. He has the owl as a pet and he named her Mary. That was his mother's name. It's believed that Mary is in the bird. 

There is more that I can say, but I will just say that Michael claims Libby. He wasn't going to let any man come in between them. Poor James. 

There is a HEA between a 30 year old woman and an 800 year old man.

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