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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Nerd Who Loved Me By Vicki Lewis Thompson

I have been wanting to check out Mrs. Vicki Lewis Thompson nerd books, due to my love for sexy nerds. This is the first book that I have read by her. I have given the book 3 stars. In this book, we meet Harry, he's a nerd and an accountant at a Casino - Nirvana Casino, the same place this dancer name Lainie works at. Harry likes to watch Lainie dance. His favorite dance by her is Fever.

One night, Lainie needed a babysitter and Harry volunteered to babysit her son Dexter, who happens to be a genius at four. He's a miniature Harry. While Harry is babysitting Dexter, Dexter's father Joey comes at Lainie apartment demanding to see his son. He didn't want to see his son, because he loved him. Joey wanted his son, because his son was a money ticket.

Harry has gotten himself and Dexter out of Lainie's apartment, by exiting a window in Lainie's room and climbing down a tree. He takes Dexter to Lainie's job and informs her about Joey. She had to get away from Joey. The problem was that Lainie left New York to get away from Joey. She didn't get his permission and that could cause trouble with the law. Joey could win custody of Dexter.

Harry takes Lainie and Dexter to his mother's house. His mother - Rona is an ex-dancer as well and she has girlfriends that are ex-dancers as well. They have a special name for themeselves. Harry is Rona's only child and she wants him to get married and have children. She wants to be a grandmother. Her friends are grandmothers. Although, Harry is a nerd, he's not a virgin. Rona falls in love with Dexter and Dexter falls in love with Fred, Rona's dog.

Rona was going to get herself a daughter-in-law and grandson. She came up with an idea for Lainie to get away from Joey. She sent Harry and Lainie away to this time-share resort.

Harry and Lainie played with fire during their stay at the resort. I am so glad that the sex was detailed, but I have to say they made love alot. I was starting to think that that's all they were going to do in this book. The sex wasn't in the beginning of the book, it was in the 200's pages, but still. Thank goodness, the sex ended and they realize their was something more between them then sex.

Joey showed up and tried to talk Lainie into marrying him. At first, Lainie wasn't thinking with her head and she was going to marry him, so that Dexter could have a better life than she had. Little did she know that Joey had this woman he slept with the night before, pretend to be his mother on the phone and since Lainie never met his parents, she didn't know any better.

Needless to say that Joey's plan didn't work. He was erase from the picture. Not killed, but still erase and Lainie, Harry and Dexter became a family.

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