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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Bought Books Today

I was trying to wait, until I've bought some more books. I have to pick up Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann from the library by my house. I was going to scan their book selection and hope that there wasn't anything to buy, because, I have to admit, they stay with the same old books and it's like I'm the only customer (maybe one more or two more) that buys their books. 98% of the books they have on their shelf have been there since October/November 2008. We are in 2009. They have plenty of books in the back to put out. 

I've gone to the big library that has all the good books for sale. I hardly go there, because I have to drive across town to get there. But, I'll do it, if I have to. They are cheaper than the library by my house too. I am really trying to get my TBR pile down before I buy some more books. Saturday, the library by my house better not have any fresh books for sale. I know I will buy some books, if they do. 

I have bought 22 books tonight. 17 romance books (15 paper backs and 2 hardbacks) and 5 educational books.

I will see what Saturday brings. 

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