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Thursday, January 1, 2009

For The Roses By Julie Garwood

I love this book. I think that Julie Garwood has done an excellent job in writing this book. She has shown that people don't have to be kin by blood to become a family. I love the way how she created a believable, loving family. Three white brothers, one black brother, a white sister and a black mother. All of these people needed one another. They all needed this special family.

Since Adam - the black brother: was the oldest of the children, he became their leader. The one that they looked up to. Out of all the brothers, Cole and Adam were the closest. Well, at least in my humble opinion. Both brothers had respect for the other. Cole looked up to Adam. I love how he respected Adam. The young man would have died for his brother. They would all die for one another. Even Mary Rose. LOL, she was the only girl and the brothers spoiled her. Of course, she would tell on them too. She would write letters to Mama Rose. Mama Rose was really Adam's mother. But, since the kids were left to fend for themselves, Mama Rose became all of their mother. Mama Rose was a slave. Adam didn't need that kind of life. Mama Rose knew that she was going to see her son one day. She communicated with her children via mail. She was a true mother. She would comfort them, when they needed comfort and she would get on them, when they were bad. LOL, leave it up to Mary Rose, her brothers were bad a lot. She liked to have her way, and they wouldn't let her at times. Of course, they would bend and give into her.

Cole is "the cowboy" in the family. When, I say "cowboy" I mean, he's very good with a gun. He just don't talk to talk, but he backs it up with the gun, if needs be. He's not a trouble maker. :) well, sometimes, he could be. Especially, with a certain person that came to their house to be nosy and Cole didn't like him. Speaking of house, Cole is very good with his hands as well. He built their house.

Adam is the bookworm. Unlike his brothers, because of the time period they are in. He couldn't get out freely. He was a black man and slavery was still alive and kicking. He educated himself well with books. Plus, he helped his siblings with their education as well.

Oh my goodness. I will have to go back and reread the book to make sure, I am saying the correct information about the other two brothers. I believe it was Travis that was the good with horses and Douglas was good at getting things the family needed. ( I will be editing this information if it's false).

This book is a good read. I believe that this family is easy to fall in love with. The characters are real.

Again, Julie Garwood has done an excellent job with this story. I hate that a movie was made after this book. Rosehill and trust me, the movie wasn't anything like the book. It messed Julie's work up and that sucks.

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