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Monday, January 12, 2009

Dave Malkoff and Sophia Ghaffari

Dark of Night will soon be out. January 27, 2009, is the release date. I don't know when the library will be getting it and I will be getting it from the library, because I am on the waiting list. 

I have a feeling that Sophia will get pregnant for Dave. The prologue to Dark of Night screams pregnancy. The no protection sex for their first time and the multiple sex in seven weeks are signs that Sophia will be with child. I could be wrong. My gut feelings that I have been feeling ever since I have read the prologue could be wrong, but I hey, I was right about thinking that Alyssa was going to be pregnant for Sam, way before reading All Through The Night.

I want Sophia and Dave to be together. I have for a long time. I think that they should get married to, because the baby and mother needs to be carrying Dave's last name. I believe that Sophia had feelings for Dave for a long time, but kept them secret, because they didn't want to ruin their friendship, plus, she was still trying to go after a man that didn't want her. Decker was never going to go her way. 

Yesterday, at church, I have seen a little boy. A member of our church. It's 2 years old and he's wearing glasses now. How cute! I could image Sophia and Dave's child wearing glasses. It should be a boy. I am sure if it is, he would look like Dave. Dave is a sexy nerd. 

Okay, let me stop talking about Dave. I am reading about another sexy nerd in The Nerd That Loved Me by Vicki Thompson. Just because a man is a nerd, doesn't mean he's not desirable. The woman in Vicki's book is noticing that. She's seeing how attractive he is. Just like Dave is attractive. 

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