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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Bought Books Today

I was trying to wait, until I've bought some more books. I have to pick up Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann from the library by my house. I was going to scan their book selection and hope that there wasn't anything to buy, because, I have to admit, they stay with the same old books and it's like I'm the only customer (maybe one more or two more) that buys their books. 98% of the books they have on their shelf have been there since October/November 2008. We are in 2009. They have plenty of books in the back to put out. 

I've gone to the big library that has all the good books for sale. I hardly go there, because I have to drive across town to get there. But, I'll do it, if I have to. They are cheaper than the library by my house too. I am really trying to get my TBR pile down before I buy some more books. Saturday, the library by my house better not have any fresh books for sale. I know I will buy some books, if they do. 

I have bought 22 books tonight. 17 romance books (15 paper backs and 2 hardbacks) and 5 educational books.

I will see what Saturday brings. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17, 2009 Books I've Bought

Today, I have gone to the library to return The Nerd Who Loved Me by Vicki Lewis Thompson and I wind up buying 4 books (3 romance books and 1 book about Princess Diana) at that the particular library. Leaving that library I wanted to go check what the other library had and I have purchased 16 books there. Only 6 of them were romance books. The other 11 were educational books. Well, one was Garden Therapy. I love buying educational books as well. Especially ones that helps with writing and medical books. I love learning new stuff. I need to stop buying books.

The Nerd Who Loved Me By Vicki Lewis Thompson

I have been wanting to check out Mrs. Vicki Lewis Thompson nerd books, due to my love for sexy nerds. This is the first book that I have read by her. I have given the book 3 stars. In this book, we meet Harry, he's a nerd and an accountant at a Casino - Nirvana Casino, the same place this dancer name Lainie works at. Harry likes to watch Lainie dance. His favorite dance by her is Fever.

One night, Lainie needed a babysitter and Harry volunteered to babysit her son Dexter, who happens to be a genius at four. He's a miniature Harry. While Harry is babysitting Dexter, Dexter's father Joey comes at Lainie apartment demanding to see his son. He didn't want to see his son, because he loved him. Joey wanted his son, because his son was a money ticket.

Harry has gotten himself and Dexter out of Lainie's apartment, by exiting a window in Lainie's room and climbing down a tree. He takes Dexter to Lainie's job and informs her about Joey. She had to get away from Joey. The problem was that Lainie left New York to get away from Joey. She didn't get his permission and that could cause trouble with the law. Joey could win custody of Dexter.

Harry takes Lainie and Dexter to his mother's house. His mother - Rona is an ex-dancer as well and she has girlfriends that are ex-dancers as well. They have a special name for themeselves. Harry is Rona's only child and she wants him to get married and have children. She wants to be a grandmother. Her friends are grandmothers. Although, Harry is a nerd, he's not a virgin. Rona falls in love with Dexter and Dexter falls in love with Fred, Rona's dog.

Rona was going to get herself a daughter-in-law and grandson. She came up with an idea for Lainie to get away from Joey. She sent Harry and Lainie away to this time-share resort.

Harry and Lainie played with fire during their stay at the resort. I am so glad that the sex was detailed, but I have to say they made love alot. I was starting to think that that's all they were going to do in this book. The sex wasn't in the beginning of the book, it was in the 200's pages, but still. Thank goodness, the sex ended and they realize their was something more between them then sex.

Joey showed up and tried to talk Lainie into marrying him. At first, Lainie wasn't thinking with her head and she was going to marry him, so that Dexter could have a better life than she had. Little did she know that Joey had this woman he slept with the night before, pretend to be his mother on the phone and since Lainie never met his parents, she didn't know any better.

Needless to say that Joey's plan didn't work. He was erase from the picture. Not killed, but still erase and Lainie, Harry and Dexter became a family.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dave Malkoff and Sophia Ghaffari

Dark of Night will soon be out. January 27, 2009, is the release date. I don't know when the library will be getting it and I will be getting it from the library, because I am on the waiting list. 

I have a feeling that Sophia will get pregnant for Dave. The prologue to Dark of Night screams pregnancy. The no protection sex for their first time and the multiple sex in seven weeks are signs that Sophia will be with child. I could be wrong. My gut feelings that I have been feeling ever since I have read the prologue could be wrong, but I hey, I was right about thinking that Alyssa was going to be pregnant for Sam, way before reading All Through The Night.

I want Sophia and Dave to be together. I have for a long time. I think that they should get married to, because the baby and mother needs to be carrying Dave's last name. I believe that Sophia had feelings for Dave for a long time, but kept them secret, because they didn't want to ruin their friendship, plus, she was still trying to go after a man that didn't want her. Decker was never going to go her way. 

Yesterday, at church, I have seen a little boy. A member of our church. It's 2 years old and he's wearing glasses now. How cute! I could image Sophia and Dave's child wearing glasses. It should be a boy. I am sure if it is, he would look like Dave. Dave is a sexy nerd. 

Okay, let me stop talking about Dave. I am reading about another sexy nerd in The Nerd That Loved Me by Vicki Thompson. Just because a man is a nerd, doesn't mean he's not desirable. The woman in Vicki's book is noticing that. She's seeing how attractive he is. Just like Dave is attractive. 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've bought 10 books today

I know that I have said that I wanted to read 25 books, before I have bought any more books, but today, I was wanting a book from the library. I wanted to read about one of Vicki Lewis' nerds, so I went to the library to check a book out - The Nerd Who Loved Me. Why did I go over to the booksale aisle? I have seen 10 books that I wanted to buy. The price at the big library is no longer 10 cents. They had a sign stating that as of January 5, 2009 the book prices have changed. All their paperbacks (small and large) are 25 cents each or 5 for a $1.00. New Hardback books $1.00 and the rest of the hard back books are still 50 cents each or 3 for a $1.00, which is not bad. The library by my house books are 25 cents for small paperback, I guess the large paperbacks are 50 cents. My reason for saying that is because the libriana that puts the books out for sale wanted to charge me 50 cents for a large paperback, when their sign says paperback books 25 cents. I wasn't going to show her the area, I just didn't buy the book. It was just a book that I wanted to check out. It was about older people. Anyway, their new hardbacks are $1.00 and other hardbacks are 50 cents each.

I will have to stop buyings books for now. I hope that I honestly don't see anything at the library, when I go and get Dark of Night. 

Friday, January 9, 2009

Buying Books In 2009

Last Saturday, I have bought 52 books from the library. Two of them, I already had, but bought them. One was a brand new paperback copy of Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann. 

I love buying books. I have to read more, before I buy more. I know that it will be a little hard for me. But, I have to try at least. Hopefully, if the Lord says the same, I will going to the library to pick up Dave and Sophia's book, Dark of Night, when it comes out. The book will be released on January 27, 2009. I will not get the book that day. I don't know what number I am on the waiting list, but whenever the book will be ready for me, I will go and get it from the library. I will try my best not to go look at the books for sale. 

I plan on reading 25 books, before buying any more books. I have a lot of books that needs to be dealt with, before I buy more books. Give away and replace. That's what I need to do. Unless a book is a keeper, if not, I'm giving it away.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding The Highlander by Janet Chapman

Mrs. Janet Chapman is one of my new author reads of 2008. I have started this book in December 2008 and finished it in a week ago. I found this book to be quite funny. I'm not a fan of time travel stories, which I have to say that this book only talks about time traveling. The hero: Michael MacBain has already travel from a previous book. I am also not a fan of paranormal books either. The paranormal theme wasn't a big issue in this book. 

The heroine in this story is 30 year old Elizabeth Hart. She's a doctor. One day, while at work, she prays with this man for his wife, whom she is about to go operator on, when she gets to the operator room and is about to cut on the woman, she was stopped and to her surprise the woman was healed and didn't need any surgery. Elizabeth leaves the room and goes visit an ex-patient of hers, a little boy who was in a comma. She prays for him too and he wakes up from the comman. Both incidents freaks Elizabeth out. She leaves the hospital. James, another doctor and an ex-boyfriend was curious as to what happend to his patient. He knew the boy was in a comma, but surprisely woken up after Elizabeth goes to visit him. James tried contacting Elizabeth. She doesn't answer his calls, but she does call her mother and tell her what happend at the hospital. According to Elizabeth's grandmother, she had the gift and she had a white string of hair to prove it. I am assuming the white hair was like Rouge's hair from the X-men.

Elizabeth decided she needed to get away, because she couldn't explain what happend at the hospital to James or anyone. She found an ad of a little boy name Robbie looking for a tenant. Elizabeth leaves California and moves to Pine Creek, Maine. The first person she meets is Michael McBain. Robbie's father. He rescues her from the pond her car lands in. To Elizabeth this man was a giant. Goliath. Mrs. Chapman keep describing this man as being very tall and large. Elizabeth, who is now going by Libby is short. I don't think she's under 5ft tall. In the book, it states that she's 5ft 3" with heels on. She is referred to as being tiny and jokes are made about her height. 

Robbie is eight years old, but doesn't appear to be that young, because of how tall he is. He is mistaken for being 12 years old. He's very smart and his main goal is to find himself a mother and his father a wife. He's mother died. He has the owl as a pet and he named her Mary. That was his mother's name. It's believed that Mary is in the bird. 

There is more that I can say, but I will just say that Michael claims Libby. He wasn't going to let any man come in between them. Poor James. 

There is a HEA between a 30 year old woman and an 800 year old man.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

For The Roses By Julie Garwood

I love this book. I think that Julie Garwood has done an excellent job in writing this book. She has shown that people don't have to be kin by blood to become a family. I love the way how she created a believable, loving family. Three white brothers, one black brother, a white sister and a black mother. All of these people needed one another. They all needed this special family.

Since Adam - the black brother: was the oldest of the children, he became their leader. The one that they looked up to. Out of all the brothers, Cole and Adam were the closest. Well, at least in my humble opinion. Both brothers had respect for the other. Cole looked up to Adam. I love how he respected Adam. The young man would have died for his brother. They would all die for one another. Even Mary Rose. LOL, she was the only girl and the brothers spoiled her. Of course, she would tell on them too. She would write letters to Mama Rose. Mama Rose was really Adam's mother. But, since the kids were left to fend for themselves, Mama Rose became all of their mother. Mama Rose was a slave. Adam didn't need that kind of life. Mama Rose knew that she was going to see her son one day. She communicated with her children via mail. She was a true mother. She would comfort them, when they needed comfort and she would get on them, when they were bad. LOL, leave it up to Mary Rose, her brothers were bad a lot. She liked to have her way, and they wouldn't let her at times. Of course, they would bend and give into her.

Cole is "the cowboy" in the family. When, I say "cowboy" I mean, he's very good with a gun. He just don't talk to talk, but he backs it up with the gun, if needs be. He's not a trouble maker. :) well, sometimes, he could be. Especially, with a certain person that came to their house to be nosy and Cole didn't like him. Speaking of house, Cole is very good with his hands as well. He built their house.

Adam is the bookworm. Unlike his brothers, because of the time period they are in. He couldn't get out freely. He was a black man and slavery was still alive and kicking. He educated himself well with books. Plus, he helped his siblings with their education as well.

Oh my goodness. I will have to go back and reread the book to make sure, I am saying the correct information about the other two brothers. I believe it was Travis that was the good with horses and Douglas was good at getting things the family needed. ( I will be editing this information if it's false).

This book is a good read. I believe that this family is easy to fall in love with. The characters are real.

Again, Julie Garwood has done an excellent job with this story. I hate that a movie was made after this book. Rosehill and trust me, the movie wasn't anything like the book. It messed Julie's work up and that sucks.