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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wild Jinx by Sandra Hill

This was a fun book to read. I can see why some authors love writing stories about Louisiana. The Cajun hero in this book name is John LeDeux. He's a sexy cop and yes, he can be bad. He reminds me so much of Suzanne Brockmann's character, Sam Starrett. Both men were their father's punching bag, when they were young. So sad! I'm glad that their childhood tragedy didn't turn them into horrible men. I'm also glad that both of them have found someone that would treat them as they should be treated. Sam had Walter as a father figure and John had Tante Lulu in his life.

Tantle Lulu is a 92 year old woman, who is a ball of fun. She reminds me of Daisy Moses from The Beverly Hillibillies. Her main goal in this story was to get her nephew married. He's not the only one that she wanted to see married. His brother's as well. LOL, she would see to it that the LeDeux men would attend parties and wham. You are going to be a groom. Yes, she was in the surpise wedding business.

John LeDeux goes on an undercover assignment at a sex club. He spots a familiar face, no other than Celine Arseneux. A reporter, who was on an undercover assignment as well. She's 2 years younger than John. They went to the same high school and college together. She was known as the geek and he was known as the hottie and the geek had a crush on the hottie - the guy, she know that was above her league. Well, one drunken night in college they have gotten together.

When John and Celine gets arrested with all the other people, Celine's cover is blown, but not John's, but that doesn't last long, because when Celine writes her story - she blows his cover without saying his name, but people aren't stupid, they have put two and two togehter. John had to go into hiding. It wasn't long, before Celine showed up to John's hiding place. She had to do a story about the treasur hunting that Jinx was doing.

Tante Lulu was happy to see Celine - to her, this woman was going to be John's wife. She kept trying to play match maker with these two.

John and Celine's tension has started at the sex club, when he went call her out, but it has taken steps up the ladder, when they have met again, at his hiding place. The only way that Celine could stick around, she couldn't write a story about the people and she couldn't return home. John's safety was a propority.

John had a thing for the back of Celine's knees and he wasn't afraid to mention it to her. That's something that Sam would do in regards to a body part of Alyssa's that he found delightful.

John would ask Celine if she wanted to sleep with him more than once. That would have been a Sam move as well. He was forever trying to get Alyssa in his bed. Celine would keep telling him no.

John and his family finds out that Celine had a son (Etienne). She lies about his age and plus having fiance. She couldn't even keep the fiance's name straight.

John and Celine winds up sleeping together, when she found out that John was going to be leaving his hiding place. That's not the only time they slept together either, to say that they supposely didn't like one another, but we see otherwise.

John and Celine has a road (secret being revealed, jealousy, admitting to one other that they wer in love with one another) to travel before they wind up together.

This book is a cute book. Fun read and will have you laughing. Well, it had me laughing at some of the things that were said or done.


  1. Hey Arch. Cool blog. I haven't read anything by Sandra Hill but I keep wanting to. She always comes up with interesting plots. Have you read any of her Viking stories?

    Michelle Lauren

  2. Thanks Michelle. Wild Jinx is the first book that I have read by Sandra Hill. I will check out more of her books.