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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Over The Edge By Suzanne Brockmann

Sam and Alyssa was hot in this book as well. The tension was high. It had been 6 months, from the last time they have worked together as well as slept together. Alyssa was freaking out about being around Sam Starrett. Reason, she wanted him, badly. But, there was a caught.

Alyssa wasn't along in Sam's and crew present. Her best friend and partner Jules Cassidy was there too. Jules had admitted to Alyssa that he knew she slept with Sam. She tried to deny it at first, but came clean.

Sam and Alyssa tried to fight their chemistry. The match was red in this book. The cafeteria scene was something. Alyssa sat in Sam's seat, unaware. We find out that Sam was supertitious. He politely picks her up in her chair and moves her. They had words. When Alyssa mentions Sam's supertitious, he gets back at her, by bringing up the first time they slept together. He rudely lets her know how many time they have slept together. Poor Jules sat there, like a child witnessing his parents fight and didn't know what to do. He finally leaves the love birds to talk and that's when their talk lead to Alyssa telling Sam that she was going to give him war. Sam had to take her niceness the "bad boy's" way and made her declar war.

Later in the book, we see more tension between Sam and Alyssa by the pool. Sam had a problem with Alyssa being beautiful in a country that didn't like women being noticed.

Alyssa was bad, in these scene. She made Sam believe she wore thongs.

As their tension progress, Alyssa attacked Sam. Sam was like okay!, but qucikly find out what Alyssa jumps him. She saved his life from a home made bomb. Alyssa thought that Sam was hurt. It wasn't long before their lips connected and smoke was seen. Alyssa gotten scared and pulls back, leaving Sam with the words, "I don't even like you." Wildcard, Sam's best friend witness the kissing. Sam had to put him in check earlier. I will not get into that. They talk and Wildcard tells Sam that he's in love with Alyssa and that's the reason why he's acting the way he has been acting.

Later that night, Alyssa goes to a party with Pierce (I don't have time to look in the book to make sure, but I do know it starts with a P.) - Sam can't stand the man. Sam even had Wildcard keep an eye on Alyssa at this party. Alyssa calls Sam, to ask about his name, because Pierce wanted to know how he has gotten the name Sam. He was telling stories to others at the party.

Moving along. Alyssa tells Sam that she missed him. Her confession leads her going to him room. Drunk! Yes, Alyssa is drunk again. To her, this is the only way she could be in Sam's presence. She didn't have to come clean about her feelings for him, if she is drunk. She's afraid to be with him when she's sober. In Gone Too Far, we see that Alyssa doesn't like to have a piano fall on her. Lets just say, she didn't want Sam to enter her heart's door and leave her.

The two of time connect again and again, the next day, Alyssa doesn't want anything to do with Sam. She believes that he will go and tell his friends that they slept together, which he never does.

Sam throws a tantrum, after finding out that Alyssa is walking in those 'I don't want to be with you." shoes again. Alyssa had to go back to get her fanny pack and she witness this. Sam was mad at Alyssa. She left his room in haste and she has done her share of crying over Sam. He wasn't the only one that cried that morning.

They make up at the cafeteria again. Alyssa had even told Sam in the front of listening ears that she would like to go out with him. But, they never had a chance, because of what Sam did months ago. His hurt has lead him into another woman's arms.

Talk about heartache for both of them.

Suzanne has written a short story about Sam and Alyssa. It's the story, where Alyssa goes out of town on a mission and Sam is home with his daughter Haley. Well, in that story, it states that Sam finds a cap that he had been looking for. Sam loves to wear caps. He wore one to Alyssa's apartment to break the bad news to her. I honestly believe that the cap he found at their house in the short story, is the same cap that he left at Alyssa's apartment. Alyssa had put on Sam's cap, after he left her apartment. That whole scene between them was sad.

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