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Friday, December 19, 2008

Into The Storm By Suzanne Brockmann

I like to read about best male and female friends. In this book, Dave Malkoff and Sophia Ghafarri are best friends. I've read this book, before reading Flashpoint. Flashpoint is where they first appear.

I've fell in love with Dave Malkoff in this book. He is such a great guy. He is always there for Sophia, ready to stand up for her, if need be, although, he knows that she can handle things herself.

How did Dave and Sophia became best friends? I honestly don't know, but I am glad that they are best friends. Not only are they best friends, they even share office space. They are office neighbors.

Sophia had it rough after her husband Dimitri was killed and she needed someone like Dave in her life. Someone that was in love with her. Dave told Lawrence Decker that he was in love with Sophia. He told Decker that if he had his way, Sophia would be his wife and carrying his baby. Dave was more than willing to take his feelings for Sophia, to his grave, but decided to inform Decker, because he was trying to play match maker. Sophia was in love with Decker and the good man that he is, Dave was willing to help her get the man she was in love with, even if it broke his heart.

Sophia and Decker have a past and Dave is one of the few people that knows about what happened between Sophia and Decker 2 years ago (Into The Storm: 2006 and Flashpoint: 2004). I will share what happen between Sophia and Decker in Flashpoint.

Decker seems dry to me. His action in this book, didn't project love for Sophia. It didn't show that he was in love with Sophia. For crying out loud, Dave had to step in to get Decker to recognize Sophia. Decker didn't even like working with Sophia. He wanted her gone, when he reported for duty and to make him happy, Sophia would leave. What happened in Flashpoint between Sophia and Decker, shouldn't have caused Decker to treat Sophia as if she didn't have a heart. I know that Sophia had to be hurt, because Decker didn't want her around.

Boy, did Dave stood tall to Decker. Decker is a former Navy Seal and Dave is a former CIA agent. Could Decker have hurt Dave? Yes. But, I like how Dave is stronger and braver than Decker would ever be. Dave sees Sophia as a person and not because he's in love with her. He treats her good all the time.

What I love about Dave is that, he's outspoken. He lets people know when they are wrong. Dave is a caring person. He even goes as far to help his enemies.

Sophia may have been in love with Decker, but a part of her had feelings for Dave. They had a "sexual moment" in a cave. Sophia freaked out, because she was feeling something for her best friend. A kiss could have happen just like that. But, Sophia's fear had caused her to see Dave as just another man that wanted to take her to bed. Dave had seen the way that she was looking at him and it hurt him. I don't blame him. It's not like he's not human. These two people are close. Tight. Talk about things. Why would Sophia not think that her best friend wouldn't see her as girlfriend material? A lot of relationships followed best friends. Dave admitted to Sophia that he found her attractive. Sophia was afraid to move on with her life, unless it was with Decker. Sophia had become a sex slave by force in Flashpoint and has been scarred (evil men craved words into her body).

I hated seeing Sophia being the sick puppy behind Decker. The man didn't want her.

There is a scene in the book, where Dave is driving and Decker is with him. He talks Decker into calling Sophia. Decker calls Sophia, but the phone call was interrupted by the accident that Dave and Decker had been in. Decker is hurt. Dave is hurt as well, but he withholds that information from Sophia, when he informs her that him and Decker has been in an accident. To say that Sophia is in love with Decker, she is so upset with Dave, because he didn't tell her that he was hurt. Dave broke his wrist and Sophia finds that out, by grabbing it, so that they could help Decker to the truck, when he went down, Sophia knew that he was hurt and that upset her. She was more concern about Dave than she was about Decker. Yes, Decker was unconsious, but a woman that's in love with man would give her attention to him, no matter if he's conscious or unconscious. Yes, Sophia had to drive. She could have still gave her attention to Decker. Talk to Dave about Decker. No, her mind as on Dave. She asked him, if he had any other broken parts, besides the broken nose that he had. Dave told her no. I believe that Sophia would have searched Dave to find out if he had anything else broke besides his wrist and nose. I love the part when they returned back to work and Sophia told Dave that she was going to get him some coffee. Dave didn't like to be helpless. He asked her what else she would be doing for him, his typing, etc. Of course, he was talking to himself, because Sophia had left his office.

I'm going to end this by saying that Decker still didn't make his move towards Sophia. Instead, another guy - Gillman did. Dave was disgusted with Decker. His hard work wasn't taken seriously.

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