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Friday, December 19, 2008

Into The Fire By Suzanne Brockmann

I have read this book, because a buddy of mine told me about Sophia and Dave kissing and being a big fan of Dave and Sophia, I had to read about the journey to the kiss.

In this book, Dave is the hero or maybe, I should say a hero. But, I still feel that he is the hero. This isn't 100% Dave's book, but I will say it's 50% his book. This book has a sequel called Dark of Night. I will share my thoughts on the prologue that I have read later.

Dave is shown in a different light, in this book. Tracy noticed how good, he looks in jeans. Note: Dave is known for wearing jeans, but he's the geek, the nerd and most women doesn't recognize how sexy a geek or nerd is. They would especially not give a nerd/geek the time or day.

This world has a lot of hot geek and nerds and no, not every nerd will look like the nerds from the movie, Revenge Of The Nerds or even Steve Urkel. A lot of famous men were nerds, when they were younger, but if you see them now, they look different.

In Flashpoint, Dave is describe as having a well kept body. In Into The Storm, we see that Dave had a little love handles now. LOL, I guess he was fat and skinny, like Elijah Wood's character was in Day Zero. Well, in Into the Fire, we find out that Dave has been hitting the gym and getting his old body back.

Tracy, Sophia, Lindsey and Tess were having girl time one day and Tracy told them about a time she was at work in the coffee room and she noticed a hottie in jeans. But, she wasn't sure who the person was, but that she knew it wasn't Sam, Decker or Jim. Come to find out, it was no other than Dave Malkoff. Not only did she shared that news with the women, she also told them about Paulette - a woman that worked for UPS. A woman that was probably Dave's secret girlfriend.

Sophia was surprise to learn about Paulette. Dave never told her about Paulette. Sophia travels alot and do business for the company. I call her their marketing person. She couldn't be in Dave's presence all the time, but they would talk on the phone every other day.

Sophia compared herself to Paulette, after finding out that Paulette could be the woman in Dave's life. I honestly don't believe a woman that only sees her best male friend as just that, would care about hearing him being with another woman. As, I have said before, Sophia has feelings for Dave.

Dave tells Sophia that he's in love with her. Boy, it had to be something to do that, after having a secret like that - a 4 years secret and not only that, to admit that to her over the phone, in the front of people. And of those persons was Gillman - a Navy Seal that doesn't like Dave. He's main reason for not liking Dave, is because Dave is Sophia's best friend and Dave truly have Sophia's back. The man would die for her.

Poor Dave, he was made shamed, because after he declared his love for Sophia, his phones rings. Dave wasn't aware that his and Sophia's call has been dropped. He was talking to her one while and the next, she calls him back.

To make a long story short. Sophia realized that Decker didn't loved her. The man never was in love with her. Just because of what happened between the two of them in Kazabekistan, doesn't mean that Decker had falling in love with Sophia, but she had fancy herself into believing she was in love with Decker.

In Flashpoint, Sophia told Decker that he was in love with Tess, but he denied it. Nash is Tess Fiance and in Flashpoint they we working their way to being a couple and not just two people that would sleep togehter. Nash told Decker that Decker was in love with Tess, in Flashpoint and Decker denies it. Nash told Decker in Into The Fire that he was in love with Tess, but he denies it again. It's somethig, when you are with somene and you know without a shadow of a doubt that your best friend is in love with that same person. No matter how much Decker tried to deny that he was in love with Tess, he was.

Decker never showed me that he was in love with Sophia. He never took out the time to get to know her. He could have forgiven her fully for what they have done in Kazebekistan and accepted her. He wasn't in love with her.

Decker and Nash have a fight. Tess was the reason for the fight. Sophia wanted Dave to stop them from fighting, but he doesn't, so she steps in and pulls Decker from the back. Nash tells him on the he's not giving the best thing that ever happen to him a chance. I'm not quoting him right. He's talking about Sophia. Decker leaves out of Sophia's embrace. Reason: He's not in love with her.

In this book, we see where Decker states that he knows what Sophia has always wanted from him, but he couldn't give it to her. Reason: He's not in love with her.

I don't see how ignoring someone, wanting them gone, when you have to work = being in love with someone. Decker even sits back and lets Sophia go out with other men. She has been out on a date with Gillman and Decker never objected to it. He just stood there and allowed Gillman to ask Sophia out and not only that, keep after her, because he wants to be in her life.

Sophia and Dave have a talk after the mission that Dave lead and Nash is dead to them. She confess to Dave that she heard him tell her that he was in love with her. She wants children. In this story, we find out that Sophia had lost her baby. She tells Dave that any man that she starts a relationship have to want children.

Dave wants children. He would give Sophia anything that she wants.

Sophia kisses Dave.................

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