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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gone Too Far By Suzanne Brockmann

I think this book is an excellent choice to start my book blogging. It is the very first book that I have read by Mrs. Suzanne Brockmann. I guess that I was in my not in the mood to read, when I have started this book. The reason why I say that is, because I have only read up to the part where Mr. Gaines goes to school to pick up his grandson Noah from school and he offers Sam, well Roger Starrett a ride as well. I have put the book away for a while and one day, I was in going through books that I had, because I was in the mood to read a book. Let me say that after putting Gone Too Far away, I have read other books. Okay, I have picked up Gone Too Far again and did a little skimming and when I have seen that Sam was worried about a woman of color. I knew that I had to read this book, because I am a big interracial romance reader, especially when the book is a catchy good book. Don't get me wrong, Mrs. Brockmann's writing was catchy - Gone Too Far was hot, but I was just not in the mood to read. No matter how catchy a book is to me, if I am not in the mood to read, I will not read it.

I'm glad that Gone Too Far was an interracial story. I could not see Sam Starrett with another woman, besides Alyssa Locke. They are the perfect fit. I've found out later, how they have gotten to the "Gone Too Far" status. I've read the previous books that they were in and seen how much these two were in love with one another. Nemesis that were lovers.

In Gone Too Far, we get to meet Roger Starrett. A victim of child abuse. His father would beat him, just to beat on him. I am so happy that Roger had found a friend in Noah Gaines. A black guy, well biracial guy that happened to be his cousin. Not only was Sam's father abusing him, he was a racist as well. He didn't like the fact that Sam was friends with Noah. Sam didn't let his father control, who he was going to be friends with. He remained friends with Noah. They even look alike and sound alike, according to Alyssa. Sam agreed that him and Noah looks alike.

Mrs. Gaines and his wife Dot has taken Sam in as one of their own. Well, he was blood after all. Dot was Sam's father, Roger Sr.'s sister. Roger Sr. hurt Walter Gaines. He used a shovel on Walter's leg. He didn't like the fact that his sister was with a black man. But, his hatred didn't stop Walter and Dot from being together. When Roger, well Ringo. That was Roger's nickname that Watler has given him. He liked that name and answered to that name. Even his mother would call him Ringo. I am sure that his father never called him that. Ringo was hurt to find out what his father has done to Walter, a man that was more of a father to him, then his real father would have ever been. Poor baby, he wanted to exit the Gaines life, because of who he was. Roger Sr.'s son. He thought that Mr. Gaines would be mad, if he found out who he was. But, to his surprise Walter wasn't upset with Ringo. He loved Ringo, as much as he loved Noah.

Sam needed Noah in his life, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Gaines. Sam and Noah were best friends. I liked that. I even liked it more, because they were interracial friends. That was a nice pairing.

Okay, let me touch up on some of Alyssa and Sam. In this book there was lots of tension between this hot, soon to be official couple. Alyssa has loved Sam so much that while he was married. Oh, yeah, Sam was married to a woman by the name of Mary Lou. He married her, because she had a baby for him. Wait a minute, correction, she made herself get pregnant by him on purpose. She was a Navy Seal groupie and wanted a permanent relationship with a Navy Seal. Sam only went to her, out of hurt. That's another story.

I have to say, there is a scene between Sam and Alyssa in Walmart. In a employee only area. I found that scene to be passionate and full of love. Alyssa is a FBI agent and Sam is a Navy Seal. They have a little fight. Well, Alyssa trying to stop Sam from running and hoping he would trust her, when she said that she was going to help him find his daughter. Yes, his daughter with Mary Lou was missing, along with Mary Lou. They were thought to be dead, because Sam haven't seen them in a while, because of his and Mary Lou's separation. She moved to Florida. He went to Florida to visit, to discover a dead body in Mary Lou's apartment. He thought it was Mary Lou and since Haley's body wasn't found. Sam wanted to find her. Getting back to the Walmart scene. Alyssa has done a great job at disguing herself and Sam cleaned up pretty well. Both didn't recognize the other at first. The only reason why Alyssa recognized Sam is because she remembered how he looked in the shower. He had his hair back. Sam recognized Alyssa after she slapped handcuffs on him. In their fighting scene, I've read "I love you and I don't want to be without you" coming from the both of them. The Scene is just romantic to me.

Wow, I have written a lot so far. I will end this by saying that thank goodness they have gotten their HEA.

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