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Friday, December 19, 2008

FlashPoint By Suzanne Brockmann

After reading Into The Storm, I have to read Flashpoint, so that I could find out more about Dave and Sophia.

Dave is an ex-CIA agent. He had worked with both Decker and his best friend Nash. Decker didn't have a problem working with Dave, but Nash didn't like him. He looked at Dave as being a geek and a freak. Anyway!

Sophia is a sex slave that's hiding from her husband. The husband that made her his wife, after killing her real husband. Sophia had no choice but to do what this man wanted her to do. She had to slept with men that he wanted her to sleep with. This wasn't Sophia's character, prior to becoming this evil man's victim. But, Sophia has learned to live with her horrible life. She had escape this horrible life, after an earthquake ( I hope that I am right. I don't have time to go and look right now). Still, she escaped.

To make a long story short, Sophia has met this man - Decker. They have a little sexual moment, but this moment wasn't something that was golden. Sophia visited Decker below the waist. She only did, so because she wanted help from her horrible situation. She also tried to kill Decker.

Decker hasn't been with a woman in a long time. He was celibate. The only reason why he met Sophia half way, is because he wanted to get laid. He thought that she was a prostitute. He found out later that she wasn't a prostitute, but just a scared woman.

Moving along. Dave meets Sophia and brings her back to the barn that he was with his co-workers. Decker, Nash, Tess, and Murphy.

Dave was Sophia's informant years ago, prior to 2004, when he was working for the CIA. He didn't know her as Sophia. She trusted Dave. She had seen him, but he had never seen her face, because of the way the women had to be covered in this Kazabekistan.

Decker had informed his co-workers about his sexual moment with Sophia prior to Dave bringing her to the barn. Sophia was scared, when she started seeing all these people coming out. Dave wanted her to meet his friends. The people that was going to help get her out of the country.

I love the part where Sophia tells Tess that Dave is cute and that he could be her second husband or third husband. That statement right there, made me see a Dave and Sophia pairing.

I have to note that Dave is a jeans man. He loves wearing jeans.

Sophia was saved and offered a job at Troubleshooters, Inc.

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