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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Defiant Hero By Suzanne Brockmann

Oh, my goodness! What can I say about Sam and Alyssa in this book? They brought it on!

This book is the second book in the Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter's series. Sam and Alyssa were introduced to one another in the first book - Unsung Hero. The fire was lit between the two in the first book, but this book brings it to another level. Sam and Alyssa couldn't say a word to one another without a verbal fight breaking out, between the two and when it starts, one or both are wounded. They would fight with one another, because they didn't know how to deal with the chemistry they had. I guess they thought that if they fought, somehow it would leave. Yeah Right!

As I have said before, Sam and Alyssa were introduced in Unsung Hero. IMHO, I believe that Sam liked Alyssa from afar, prior to their meeting in Unsung Hero. My reason for say that, is because, in Defiant Hero we see that Sam had the hots for Alyssa for years and between Unsung Hero and Defiant Hero, it has not been years, a year the most.

Alyssa had tortured Sam via dreams. She was always on his mind. She came to his mind, during a mock mission he was on. LOL, Sam was thinking about Alyssa so much, he ran into Nils one of his best friends, who was leading the mission.

Sam didn't like Alyssa (He loved her), because to him, she felt that she was going after something that she shouldn't be going after. He felt that she should mind her own business and leave Navy Seal business to the men. Later we find out that Sam was afraid that Alyssa would some how talk herself into getting in the door and becoming the first woman to join the Navy Seals. Sam also though that Alyssa thought she was all that.

Alyssa didn't like Sam (She loved him), because of the way he would look at her, like she nothing but a piece of meat. He was forever telling her that he wanted sleep with her. He was call her sweet thang, baby, amongst other names. Alyssa didn't like to be called those things. She wanted Sam to call her Alyssa, because calling her by her name would mean that he recognizes she is a person and not just a nameless woman, he wanted to sleep with. Alyssa had a secret. She wanted to sleep with Sam too. He plagued her mind as well.

I love the bench scene. Sam was teaching Alyssa how to follow someone without getting notice. Well one day, Alyssa was follwoing him and had to stop, because her body has gotten over heated. Of course, with the way she was dressed. Sam was running, but noticed that he couldn't sense Alyssa following him. So, he runs in the opposite direction and he finds her on a bench with her head between her legs. Sam quickly responded to seeing the woman he was in love with, about to clut out. Pure Sam had to check out her body, after helping her out of her sweats that was covering her sports bra and shorts. Sam wonders why Alyssa would dress hot, in the Washington, DC heat. Her responds was, because they way he was looking at her. There was tension in this scene. Poor Sam, just trying to be helpful.

Okay, let me skip to the part where Sam and Alyssa goes to a bar to drink. Sam brings her there, after they go to the hospital to see her sister Tyra, who had a baby. Alyssa had been worrying about her sister for weeks. She was worried about her sister's pregnancy. Their younger sister Lanora died giving birth and her baby died as well. Alyssa is the oldest and she has always been their for her sisters. When her sister Lanora died, she took that hard. Burying her was hard for Alyssa. Tyra named her daughter after their sister Lanora, which made both her and Alyssa cry.

Well, needless to say. Alyssa has gotten drunk and found herself at Sam's hotel room. He invited her back there, so that she could keep and eye on him. His best friend Nils was going after Megan, he's in love with. Anyway, Alyssa had to know where Nils has gone and her answer was Sam. She knew that Sam had to know. Nils was a wanted man.

Okay, long story short. Alyssa and Sam said "hello" and even went to the kitchen and found a bottle of chocolate syrup in the fridge. Sam is a chocoholic. (I'm am one too.) Alyssa made Sam's love for chocolate go up. Let me just say they played with the chocolate.

The next day relazation hits Alyssa and she regretted sleeping with Sam. Talk about tension betwee the two of them again. Oh, wait, I forgot to mention that in order for Alyssa to keep an eye on Sam, she handcups herself to him. His idea that he honestly didn't believe she would fall for. Alyssa was mad with Sam the next day. Knowing how he treats her, she thought that he would run and go back and tell his friends that he scored with Alyssa. Which, Sam isn't that kind of guy. Alyssa found that out. The next day brought on tension and a little connection in the shower. The immediately connection had "baby" hanging in the air. Lets just say that Alyssa didn't get pregnant.

Ending, I will say that Sam tried to start a relationship with Alyssa, but she shoots him down. She breaks his heart and that lead to him well, my Gone Too Far states what Sam did.

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