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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dark Of Night by Suzanne Brockmann (Thoughts About Prologue)

This book will not be out until January 27, 2009. I want to read it, because of Dave and Sophia. I have read the prologue and I have to say, I was happy to read what I have in it, except for the last portion of the prologue. I don't want to imagine Dave being tortured.

Dark of Night picks up from where Into The Fire left off. Dave and Sophia is hotly kissing in the hotel bar. My number one man - Sam Starrett spots them. Sam always knew that Dave was in love with his best friend Sophia, but seeing them kiss was a shocker to Sam.

I still have that feeling that Sophia have some feelings for Dave, but wanted to keep them buried, because she wanted Decker. I don't believe that Sophia is kissing Dave hotly and makes love to Dave, because she thinks that Decker is with Tess. In the prologue, Sophia has admitted to Dave that she always loved the way he smelt. That's a sign of Sophia finding Dave attracted.

Sophia is fully in control of what's going on between her and Dave. She's not drunk. Her mind is clear. Yes, she believes that Nash is dead, but still her mind is clear. She kissed Dave first. She's the one that wanted to make love to Dave. Yes, Dave wants to make love to Sophia, but in the prologue, you can clearly see that Sophia wants Dave and I don't think it has anything to do with Decker.

Dave told Sophia that he wanted them to talk. Sophia told them that they have talked for years and that if they needed to talk, they could later. Sophia was dying to make love to Dave. If Sophia was truly in love with Decker, no matter if she believed that he wasn't in love with her, I honestly don't feel that Sophia would have kissed or even made love to Dave. Why? Because, Sophia had plenty of opportunity to hook up with another man, but she didn't. She was stuck on Decker. Sophia is no fool. She had to have known that Decker wasn't in love with her and that she was being his fool, although, she didn't want to admit it. Sophia likes older men and that's why she didn't want to hook up with Gillman. Gillman thought that Sophia had a thing going on with Dave in Into The Storm. Other men had approached Sophia. She went out on a date with Gillman. Dave is older than Sophia. He's 38. I say that Sophia is in her early thirties, between 30-33. I know that she's older than Gillman and I believe he's like 27 or even 28 years old.

I don't know how many times Dave and Sophia has made love, but according to the prologue is was a lot, in seven weeks. I honestly believe that Sophia will get pregnant for Dave. She wants a baby and their first time, no protection was used, unless Sophia is on the pills and even that doesn't prevent a woman from getting pregnant. Plenty of women have gotten pregnant on the pills.

Dave deserves Sophia. He has been in love with her for a long time. I believe by the end of Dark Of Night. We will find out just how much Sophia is in love with Dave. I don't want her with Decker. That man doesn't love her. According to the spoilers. Decker is going to be with Tracy. It's a shocker, but it's not a shocker. To say that Decker is going to fall in love with Tracy, shows that he never had feelings for Sophia. I know that Decker is not going to be with Tracy, because he can't be with Sophia. He could be with or at one time he could be with Sophia, all he had to do was tell Sophia that he wanted a relationship with her and Sophia would have ran to him, like a sick puppy.

Dave had taken the time out to get to know Sophia. He has always been a friend to her, even though, he wanted more. He kept his true feelings for her hidden for years, but told her how he felt in Into The Fire. Seriously, they were bind to be together. I can't see them with anyone else.

Dave may be the nerd: the geek, but he has done something right to be with Sophia. Seven weeks is a long time for two best friends to be together as a couple. I know they aren't just "lovers" - both of them don't appear to be those kind of people. They would want a true relationship. Sex is not all that. It will not keep two people together. If a relationship is based on sex, then eventually, someone will get tired and want to move on, because there's nothing there to stay there for.

This books is suppose to have a traditional HEA. I honestly believe that it will be Sophia and Dave's HEA. I could be wrong, but they might get engaged and find out that Sophia is indeed pregnant.

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