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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wild Jinx by Sandra Hill

This was a fun book to read. I can see why some authors love writing stories about Louisiana. The Cajun hero in this book name is John LeDeux. He's a sexy cop and yes, he can be bad. He reminds me so much of Suzanne Brockmann's character, Sam Starrett. Both men were their father's punching bag, when they were young. So sad! I'm glad that their childhood tragedy didn't turn them into horrible men. I'm also glad that both of them have found someone that would treat them as they should be treated. Sam had Walter as a father figure and John had Tante Lulu in his life.

Tantle Lulu is a 92 year old woman, who is a ball of fun. She reminds me of Daisy Moses from The Beverly Hillibillies. Her main goal in this story was to get her nephew married. He's not the only one that she wanted to see married. His brother's as well. LOL, she would see to it that the LeDeux men would attend parties and wham. You are going to be a groom. Yes, she was in the surpise wedding business.

John LeDeux goes on an undercover assignment at a sex club. He spots a familiar face, no other than Celine Arseneux. A reporter, who was on an undercover assignment as well. She's 2 years younger than John. They went to the same high school and college together. She was known as the geek and he was known as the hottie and the geek had a crush on the hottie - the guy, she know that was above her league. Well, one drunken night in college they have gotten together.

When John and Celine gets arrested with all the other people, Celine's cover is blown, but not John's, but that doesn't last long, because when Celine writes her story - she blows his cover without saying his name, but people aren't stupid, they have put two and two togehter. John had to go into hiding. It wasn't long, before Celine showed up to John's hiding place. She had to do a story about the treasur hunting that Jinx was doing.

Tante Lulu was happy to see Celine - to her, this woman was going to be John's wife. She kept trying to play match maker with these two.

John and Celine's tension has started at the sex club, when he went call her out, but it has taken steps up the ladder, when they have met again, at his hiding place. The only way that Celine could stick around, she couldn't write a story about the people and she couldn't return home. John's safety was a propority.

John had a thing for the back of Celine's knees and he wasn't afraid to mention it to her. That's something that Sam would do in regards to a body part of Alyssa's that he found delightful.

John would ask Celine if she wanted to sleep with him more than once. That would have been a Sam move as well. He was forever trying to get Alyssa in his bed. Celine would keep telling him no.

John and his family finds out that Celine had a son (Etienne). She lies about his age and plus having fiance. She couldn't even keep the fiance's name straight.

John and Celine winds up sleeping together, when she found out that John was going to be leaving his hiding place. That's not the only time they slept together either, to say that they supposely didn't like one another, but we see otherwise.

John and Celine has a road (secret being revealed, jealousy, admitting to one other that they wer in love with one another) to travel before they wind up together.

This book is a cute book. Fun read and will have you laughing. Well, it had me laughing at some of the things that were said or done.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dark Of Night by Suzanne Brockmann (Thoughts About Prologue)

This book will not be out until January 27, 2009. I want to read it, because of Dave and Sophia. I have read the prologue and I have to say, I was happy to read what I have in it, except for the last portion of the prologue. I don't want to imagine Dave being tortured.

Dark of Night picks up from where Into The Fire left off. Dave and Sophia is hotly kissing in the hotel bar. My number one man - Sam Starrett spots them. Sam always knew that Dave was in love with his best friend Sophia, but seeing them kiss was a shocker to Sam.

I still have that feeling that Sophia have some feelings for Dave, but wanted to keep them buried, because she wanted Decker. I don't believe that Sophia is kissing Dave hotly and makes love to Dave, because she thinks that Decker is with Tess. In the prologue, Sophia has admitted to Dave that she always loved the way he smelt. That's a sign of Sophia finding Dave attracted.

Sophia is fully in control of what's going on between her and Dave. She's not drunk. Her mind is clear. Yes, she believes that Nash is dead, but still her mind is clear. She kissed Dave first. She's the one that wanted to make love to Dave. Yes, Dave wants to make love to Sophia, but in the prologue, you can clearly see that Sophia wants Dave and I don't think it has anything to do with Decker.

Dave told Sophia that he wanted them to talk. Sophia told them that they have talked for years and that if they needed to talk, they could later. Sophia was dying to make love to Dave. If Sophia was truly in love with Decker, no matter if she believed that he wasn't in love with her, I honestly don't feel that Sophia would have kissed or even made love to Dave. Why? Because, Sophia had plenty of opportunity to hook up with another man, but she didn't. She was stuck on Decker. Sophia is no fool. She had to have known that Decker wasn't in love with her and that she was being his fool, although, she didn't want to admit it. Sophia likes older men and that's why she didn't want to hook up with Gillman. Gillman thought that Sophia had a thing going on with Dave in Into The Storm. Other men had approached Sophia. She went out on a date with Gillman. Dave is older than Sophia. He's 38. I say that Sophia is in her early thirties, between 30-33. I know that she's older than Gillman and I believe he's like 27 or even 28 years old.

I don't know how many times Dave and Sophia has made love, but according to the prologue is was a lot, in seven weeks. I honestly believe that Sophia will get pregnant for Dave. She wants a baby and their first time, no protection was used, unless Sophia is on the pills and even that doesn't prevent a woman from getting pregnant. Plenty of women have gotten pregnant on the pills.

Dave deserves Sophia. He has been in love with her for a long time. I believe by the end of Dark Of Night. We will find out just how much Sophia is in love with Dave. I don't want her with Decker. That man doesn't love her. According to the spoilers. Decker is going to be with Tracy. It's a shocker, but it's not a shocker. To say that Decker is going to fall in love with Tracy, shows that he never had feelings for Sophia. I know that Decker is not going to be with Tracy, because he can't be with Sophia. He could be with or at one time he could be with Sophia, all he had to do was tell Sophia that he wanted a relationship with her and Sophia would have ran to him, like a sick puppy.

Dave had taken the time out to get to know Sophia. He has always been a friend to her, even though, he wanted more. He kept his true feelings for her hidden for years, but told her how he felt in Into The Fire. Seriously, they were bind to be together. I can't see them with anyone else.

Dave may be the nerd: the geek, but he has done something right to be with Sophia. Seven weeks is a long time for two best friends to be together as a couple. I know they aren't just "lovers" - both of them don't appear to be those kind of people. They would want a true relationship. Sex is not all that. It will not keep two people together. If a relationship is based on sex, then eventually, someone will get tired and want to move on, because there's nothing there to stay there for.

This books is suppose to have a traditional HEA. I honestly believe that it will be Sophia and Dave's HEA. I could be wrong, but they might get engaged and find out that Sophia is indeed pregnant.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Into The Fire By Suzanne Brockmann

I have read this book, because a buddy of mine told me about Sophia and Dave kissing and being a big fan of Dave and Sophia, I had to read about the journey to the kiss.

In this book, Dave is the hero or maybe, I should say a hero. But, I still feel that he is the hero. This isn't 100% Dave's book, but I will say it's 50% his book. This book has a sequel called Dark of Night. I will share my thoughts on the prologue that I have read later.

Dave is shown in a different light, in this book. Tracy noticed how good, he looks in jeans. Note: Dave is known for wearing jeans, but he's the geek, the nerd and most women doesn't recognize how sexy a geek or nerd is. They would especially not give a nerd/geek the time or day.

This world has a lot of hot geek and nerds and no, not every nerd will look like the nerds from the movie, Revenge Of The Nerds or even Steve Urkel. A lot of famous men were nerds, when they were younger, but if you see them now, they look different.

In Flashpoint, Dave is describe as having a well kept body. In Into The Storm, we see that Dave had a little love handles now. LOL, I guess he was fat and skinny, like Elijah Wood's character was in Day Zero. Well, in Into the Fire, we find out that Dave has been hitting the gym and getting his old body back.

Tracy, Sophia, Lindsey and Tess were having girl time one day and Tracy told them about a time she was at work in the coffee room and she noticed a hottie in jeans. But, she wasn't sure who the person was, but that she knew it wasn't Sam, Decker or Jim. Come to find out, it was no other than Dave Malkoff. Not only did she shared that news with the women, she also told them about Paulette - a woman that worked for UPS. A woman that was probably Dave's secret girlfriend.

Sophia was surprise to learn about Paulette. Dave never told her about Paulette. Sophia travels alot and do business for the company. I call her their marketing person. She couldn't be in Dave's presence all the time, but they would talk on the phone every other day.

Sophia compared herself to Paulette, after finding out that Paulette could be the woman in Dave's life. I honestly don't believe a woman that only sees her best male friend as just that, would care about hearing him being with another woman. As, I have said before, Sophia has feelings for Dave.

Dave tells Sophia that he's in love with her. Boy, it had to be something to do that, after having a secret like that - a 4 years secret and not only that, to admit that to her over the phone, in the front of people. And of those persons was Gillman - a Navy Seal that doesn't like Dave. He's main reason for not liking Dave, is because Dave is Sophia's best friend and Dave truly have Sophia's back. The man would die for her.

Poor Dave, he was made shamed, because after he declared his love for Sophia, his phones rings. Dave wasn't aware that his and Sophia's call has been dropped. He was talking to her one while and the next, she calls him back.

To make a long story short. Sophia realized that Decker didn't loved her. The man never was in love with her. Just because of what happened between the two of them in Kazabekistan, doesn't mean that Decker had falling in love with Sophia, but she had fancy herself into believing she was in love with Decker.

In Flashpoint, Sophia told Decker that he was in love with Tess, but he denied it. Nash is Tess Fiance and in Flashpoint they we working their way to being a couple and not just two people that would sleep togehter. Nash told Decker that Decker was in love with Tess, in Flashpoint and Decker denies it. Nash told Decker in Into The Fire that he was in love with Tess, but he denies it again. It's somethig, when you are with somene and you know without a shadow of a doubt that your best friend is in love with that same person. No matter how much Decker tried to deny that he was in love with Tess, he was.

Decker never showed me that he was in love with Sophia. He never took out the time to get to know her. He could have forgiven her fully for what they have done in Kazebekistan and accepted her. He wasn't in love with her.

Decker and Nash have a fight. Tess was the reason for the fight. Sophia wanted Dave to stop them from fighting, but he doesn't, so she steps in and pulls Decker from the back. Nash tells him on the he's not giving the best thing that ever happen to him a chance. I'm not quoting him right. He's talking about Sophia. Decker leaves out of Sophia's embrace. Reason: He's not in love with her.

In this book, we see where Decker states that he knows what Sophia has always wanted from him, but he couldn't give it to her. Reason: He's not in love with her.

I don't see how ignoring someone, wanting them gone, when you have to work = being in love with someone. Decker even sits back and lets Sophia go out with other men. She has been out on a date with Gillman and Decker never objected to it. He just stood there and allowed Gillman to ask Sophia out and not only that, keep after her, because he wants to be in her life.

Sophia and Dave have a talk after the mission that Dave lead and Nash is dead to them. She confess to Dave that she heard him tell her that he was in love with her. She wants children. In this story, we find out that Sophia had lost her baby. She tells Dave that any man that she starts a relationship have to want children.

Dave wants children. He would give Sophia anything that she wants.

Sophia kisses Dave.................

FlashPoint By Suzanne Brockmann

After reading Into The Storm, I have to read Flashpoint, so that I could find out more about Dave and Sophia.

Dave is an ex-CIA agent. He had worked with both Decker and his best friend Nash. Decker didn't have a problem working with Dave, but Nash didn't like him. He looked at Dave as being a geek and a freak. Anyway!

Sophia is a sex slave that's hiding from her husband. The husband that made her his wife, after killing her real husband. Sophia had no choice but to do what this man wanted her to do. She had to slept with men that he wanted her to sleep with. This wasn't Sophia's character, prior to becoming this evil man's victim. But, Sophia has learned to live with her horrible life. She had escape this horrible life, after an earthquake ( I hope that I am right. I don't have time to go and look right now). Still, she escaped.

To make a long story short, Sophia has met this man - Decker. They have a little sexual moment, but this moment wasn't something that was golden. Sophia visited Decker below the waist. She only did, so because she wanted help from her horrible situation. She also tried to kill Decker.

Decker hasn't been with a woman in a long time. He was celibate. The only reason why he met Sophia half way, is because he wanted to get laid. He thought that she was a prostitute. He found out later that she wasn't a prostitute, but just a scared woman.

Moving along. Dave meets Sophia and brings her back to the barn that he was with his co-workers. Decker, Nash, Tess, and Murphy.

Dave was Sophia's informant years ago, prior to 2004, when he was working for the CIA. He didn't know her as Sophia. She trusted Dave. She had seen him, but he had never seen her face, because of the way the women had to be covered in this Kazabekistan.

Decker had informed his co-workers about his sexual moment with Sophia prior to Dave bringing her to the barn. Sophia was scared, when she started seeing all these people coming out. Dave wanted her to meet his friends. The people that was going to help get her out of the country.

I love the part where Sophia tells Tess that Dave is cute and that he could be her second husband or third husband. That statement right there, made me see a Dave and Sophia pairing.

I have to note that Dave is a jeans man. He loves wearing jeans.

Sophia was saved and offered a job at Troubleshooters, Inc.

Into The Storm By Suzanne Brockmann

I like to read about best male and female friends. In this book, Dave Malkoff and Sophia Ghafarri are best friends. I've read this book, before reading Flashpoint. Flashpoint is where they first appear.

I've fell in love with Dave Malkoff in this book. He is such a great guy. He is always there for Sophia, ready to stand up for her, if need be, although, he knows that she can handle things herself.

How did Dave and Sophia became best friends? I honestly don't know, but I am glad that they are best friends. Not only are they best friends, they even share office space. They are office neighbors.

Sophia had it rough after her husband Dimitri was killed and she needed someone like Dave in her life. Someone that was in love with her. Dave told Lawrence Decker that he was in love with Sophia. He told Decker that if he had his way, Sophia would be his wife and carrying his baby. Dave was more than willing to take his feelings for Sophia, to his grave, but decided to inform Decker, because he was trying to play match maker. Sophia was in love with Decker and the good man that he is, Dave was willing to help her get the man she was in love with, even if it broke his heart.

Sophia and Decker have a past and Dave is one of the few people that knows about what happened between Sophia and Decker 2 years ago (Into The Storm: 2006 and Flashpoint: 2004). I will share what happen between Sophia and Decker in Flashpoint.

Decker seems dry to me. His action in this book, didn't project love for Sophia. It didn't show that he was in love with Sophia. For crying out loud, Dave had to step in to get Decker to recognize Sophia. Decker didn't even like working with Sophia. He wanted her gone, when he reported for duty and to make him happy, Sophia would leave. What happened in Flashpoint between Sophia and Decker, shouldn't have caused Decker to treat Sophia as if she didn't have a heart. I know that Sophia had to be hurt, because Decker didn't want her around.

Boy, did Dave stood tall to Decker. Decker is a former Navy Seal and Dave is a former CIA agent. Could Decker have hurt Dave? Yes. But, I like how Dave is stronger and braver than Decker would ever be. Dave sees Sophia as a person and not because he's in love with her. He treats her good all the time.

What I love about Dave is that, he's outspoken. He lets people know when they are wrong. Dave is a caring person. He even goes as far to help his enemies.

Sophia may have been in love with Decker, but a part of her had feelings for Dave. They had a "sexual moment" in a cave. Sophia freaked out, because she was feeling something for her best friend. A kiss could have happen just like that. But, Sophia's fear had caused her to see Dave as just another man that wanted to take her to bed. Dave had seen the way that she was looking at him and it hurt him. I don't blame him. It's not like he's not human. These two people are close. Tight. Talk about things. Why would Sophia not think that her best friend wouldn't see her as girlfriend material? A lot of relationships followed best friends. Dave admitted to Sophia that he found her attractive. Sophia was afraid to move on with her life, unless it was with Decker. Sophia had become a sex slave by force in Flashpoint and has been scarred (evil men craved words into her body).

I hated seeing Sophia being the sick puppy behind Decker. The man didn't want her.

There is a scene in the book, where Dave is driving and Decker is with him. He talks Decker into calling Sophia. Decker calls Sophia, but the phone call was interrupted by the accident that Dave and Decker had been in. Decker is hurt. Dave is hurt as well, but he withholds that information from Sophia, when he informs her that him and Decker has been in an accident. To say that Sophia is in love with Decker, she is so upset with Dave, because he didn't tell her that he was hurt. Dave broke his wrist and Sophia finds that out, by grabbing it, so that they could help Decker to the truck, when he went down, Sophia knew that he was hurt and that upset her. She was more concern about Dave than she was about Decker. Yes, Decker was unconsious, but a woman that's in love with man would give her attention to him, no matter if he's conscious or unconscious. Yes, Sophia had to drive. She could have still gave her attention to Decker. Talk to Dave about Decker. No, her mind as on Dave. She asked him, if he had any other broken parts, besides the broken nose that he had. Dave told her no. I believe that Sophia would have searched Dave to find out if he had anything else broke besides his wrist and nose. I love the part when they returned back to work and Sophia told Dave that she was going to get him some coffee. Dave didn't like to be helpless. He asked her what else she would be doing for him, his typing, etc. Of course, he was talking to himself, because Sophia had left his office.

I'm going to end this by saying that Decker still didn't make his move towards Sophia. Instead, another guy - Gillman did. Dave was disgusted with Decker. His hard work wasn't taken seriously.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Over The Edge By Suzanne Brockmann

Sam and Alyssa was hot in this book as well. The tension was high. It had been 6 months, from the last time they have worked together as well as slept together. Alyssa was freaking out about being around Sam Starrett. Reason, she wanted him, badly. But, there was a caught.

Alyssa wasn't along in Sam's and crew present. Her best friend and partner Jules Cassidy was there too. Jules had admitted to Alyssa that he knew she slept with Sam. She tried to deny it at first, but came clean.

Sam and Alyssa tried to fight their chemistry. The match was red in this book. The cafeteria scene was something. Alyssa sat in Sam's seat, unaware. We find out that Sam was supertitious. He politely picks her up in her chair and moves her. They had words. When Alyssa mentions Sam's supertitious, he gets back at her, by bringing up the first time they slept together. He rudely lets her know how many time they have slept together. Poor Jules sat there, like a child witnessing his parents fight and didn't know what to do. He finally leaves the love birds to talk and that's when their talk lead to Alyssa telling Sam that she was going to give him war. Sam had to take her niceness the "bad boy's" way and made her declar war.

Later in the book, we see more tension between Sam and Alyssa by the pool. Sam had a problem with Alyssa being beautiful in a country that didn't like women being noticed.

Alyssa was bad, in these scene. She made Sam believe she wore thongs.

As their tension progress, Alyssa attacked Sam. Sam was like okay!, but qucikly find out what Alyssa jumps him. She saved his life from a home made bomb. Alyssa thought that Sam was hurt. It wasn't long before their lips connected and smoke was seen. Alyssa gotten scared and pulls back, leaving Sam with the words, "I don't even like you." Wildcard, Sam's best friend witness the kissing. Sam had to put him in check earlier. I will not get into that. They talk and Wildcard tells Sam that he's in love with Alyssa and that's the reason why he's acting the way he has been acting.

Later that night, Alyssa goes to a party with Pierce (I don't have time to look in the book to make sure, but I do know it starts with a P.) - Sam can't stand the man. Sam even had Wildcard keep an eye on Alyssa at this party. Alyssa calls Sam, to ask about his name, because Pierce wanted to know how he has gotten the name Sam. He was telling stories to others at the party.

Moving along. Alyssa tells Sam that she missed him. Her confession leads her going to him room. Drunk! Yes, Alyssa is drunk again. To her, this is the only way she could be in Sam's presence. She didn't have to come clean about her feelings for him, if she is drunk. She's afraid to be with him when she's sober. In Gone Too Far, we see that Alyssa doesn't like to have a piano fall on her. Lets just say, she didn't want Sam to enter her heart's door and leave her.

The two of time connect again and again, the next day, Alyssa doesn't want anything to do with Sam. She believes that he will go and tell his friends that they slept together, which he never does.

Sam throws a tantrum, after finding out that Alyssa is walking in those 'I don't want to be with you." shoes again. Alyssa had to go back to get her fanny pack and she witness this. Sam was mad at Alyssa. She left his room in haste and she has done her share of crying over Sam. He wasn't the only one that cried that morning.

They make up at the cafeteria again. Alyssa had even told Sam in the front of listening ears that she would like to go out with him. But, they never had a chance, because of what Sam did months ago. His hurt has lead him into another woman's arms.

Talk about heartache for both of them.

Suzanne has written a short story about Sam and Alyssa. It's the story, where Alyssa goes out of town on a mission and Sam is home with his daughter Haley. Well, in that story, it states that Sam finds a cap that he had been looking for. Sam loves to wear caps. He wore one to Alyssa's apartment to break the bad news to her. I honestly believe that the cap he found at their house in the short story, is the same cap that he left at Alyssa's apartment. Alyssa had put on Sam's cap, after he left her apartment. That whole scene between them was sad.

Defiant Hero By Suzanne Brockmann

Oh, my goodness! What can I say about Sam and Alyssa in this book? They brought it on!

This book is the second book in the Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter's series. Sam and Alyssa were introduced to one another in the first book - Unsung Hero. The fire was lit between the two in the first book, but this book brings it to another level. Sam and Alyssa couldn't say a word to one another without a verbal fight breaking out, between the two and when it starts, one or both are wounded. They would fight with one another, because they didn't know how to deal with the chemistry they had. I guess they thought that if they fought, somehow it would leave. Yeah Right!

As I have said before, Sam and Alyssa were introduced in Unsung Hero. IMHO, I believe that Sam liked Alyssa from afar, prior to their meeting in Unsung Hero. My reason for say that, is because, in Defiant Hero we see that Sam had the hots for Alyssa for years and between Unsung Hero and Defiant Hero, it has not been years, a year the most.

Alyssa had tortured Sam via dreams. She was always on his mind. She came to his mind, during a mock mission he was on. LOL, Sam was thinking about Alyssa so much, he ran into Nils one of his best friends, who was leading the mission.

Sam didn't like Alyssa (He loved her), because to him, she felt that she was going after something that she shouldn't be going after. He felt that she should mind her own business and leave Navy Seal business to the men. Later we find out that Sam was afraid that Alyssa would some how talk herself into getting in the door and becoming the first woman to join the Navy Seals. Sam also though that Alyssa thought she was all that.

Alyssa didn't like Sam (She loved him), because of the way he would look at her, like she nothing but a piece of meat. He was forever telling her that he wanted sleep with her. He was call her sweet thang, baby, amongst other names. Alyssa didn't like to be called those things. She wanted Sam to call her Alyssa, because calling her by her name would mean that he recognizes she is a person and not just a nameless woman, he wanted to sleep with. Alyssa had a secret. She wanted to sleep with Sam too. He plagued her mind as well.

I love the bench scene. Sam was teaching Alyssa how to follow someone without getting notice. Well one day, Alyssa was follwoing him and had to stop, because her body has gotten over heated. Of course, with the way she was dressed. Sam was running, but noticed that he couldn't sense Alyssa following him. So, he runs in the opposite direction and he finds her on a bench with her head between her legs. Sam quickly responded to seeing the woman he was in love with, about to clut out. Pure Sam had to check out her body, after helping her out of her sweats that was covering her sports bra and shorts. Sam wonders why Alyssa would dress hot, in the Washington, DC heat. Her responds was, because they way he was looking at her. There was tension in this scene. Poor Sam, just trying to be helpful.

Okay, let me skip to the part where Sam and Alyssa goes to a bar to drink. Sam brings her there, after they go to the hospital to see her sister Tyra, who had a baby. Alyssa had been worrying about her sister for weeks. She was worried about her sister's pregnancy. Their younger sister Lanora died giving birth and her baby died as well. Alyssa is the oldest and she has always been their for her sisters. When her sister Lanora died, she took that hard. Burying her was hard for Alyssa. Tyra named her daughter after their sister Lanora, which made both her and Alyssa cry.

Well, needless to say. Alyssa has gotten drunk and found herself at Sam's hotel room. He invited her back there, so that she could keep and eye on him. His best friend Nils was going after Megan, he's in love with. Anyway, Alyssa had to know where Nils has gone and her answer was Sam. She knew that Sam had to know. Nils was a wanted man.

Okay, long story short. Alyssa and Sam said "hello" and even went to the kitchen and found a bottle of chocolate syrup in the fridge. Sam is a chocoholic. (I'm am one too.) Alyssa made Sam's love for chocolate go up. Let me just say they played with the chocolate.

The next day relazation hits Alyssa and she regretted sleeping with Sam. Talk about tension betwee the two of them again. Oh, wait, I forgot to mention that in order for Alyssa to keep an eye on Sam, she handcups herself to him. His idea that he honestly didn't believe she would fall for. Alyssa was mad with Sam the next day. Knowing how he treats her, she thought that he would run and go back and tell his friends that he scored with Alyssa. Which, Sam isn't that kind of guy. Alyssa found that out. The next day brought on tension and a little connection in the shower. The immediately connection had "baby" hanging in the air. Lets just say that Alyssa didn't get pregnant.

Ending, I will say that Sam tried to start a relationship with Alyssa, but she shoots him down. She breaks his heart and that lead to him well, my Gone Too Far states what Sam did.

Gone Too Far By Suzanne Brockmann

I think this book is an excellent choice to start my book blogging. It is the very first book that I have read by Mrs. Suzanne Brockmann. I guess that I was in my not in the mood to read, when I have started this book. The reason why I say that is, because I have only read up to the part where Mr. Gaines goes to school to pick up his grandson Noah from school and he offers Sam, well Roger Starrett a ride as well. I have put the book away for a while and one day, I was in going through books that I had, because I was in the mood to read a book. Let me say that after putting Gone Too Far away, I have read other books. Okay, I have picked up Gone Too Far again and did a little skimming and when I have seen that Sam was worried about a woman of color. I knew that I had to read this book, because I am a big interracial romance reader, especially when the book is a catchy good book. Don't get me wrong, Mrs. Brockmann's writing was catchy - Gone Too Far was hot, but I was just not in the mood to read. No matter how catchy a book is to me, if I am not in the mood to read, I will not read it.

I'm glad that Gone Too Far was an interracial story. I could not see Sam Starrett with another woman, besides Alyssa Locke. They are the perfect fit. I've found out later, how they have gotten to the "Gone Too Far" status. I've read the previous books that they were in and seen how much these two were in love with one another. Nemesis that were lovers.

In Gone Too Far, we get to meet Roger Starrett. A victim of child abuse. His father would beat him, just to beat on him. I am so happy that Roger had found a friend in Noah Gaines. A black guy, well biracial guy that happened to be his cousin. Not only was Sam's father abusing him, he was a racist as well. He didn't like the fact that Sam was friends with Noah. Sam didn't let his father control, who he was going to be friends with. He remained friends with Noah. They even look alike and sound alike, according to Alyssa. Sam agreed that him and Noah looks alike.

Mrs. Gaines and his wife Dot has taken Sam in as one of their own. Well, he was blood after all. Dot was Sam's father, Roger Sr.'s sister. Roger Sr. hurt Walter Gaines. He used a shovel on Walter's leg. He didn't like the fact that his sister was with a black man. But, his hatred didn't stop Walter and Dot from being together. When Roger, well Ringo. That was Roger's nickname that Watler has given him. He liked that name and answered to that name. Even his mother would call him Ringo. I am sure that his father never called him that. Ringo was hurt to find out what his father has done to Walter, a man that was more of a father to him, then his real father would have ever been. Poor baby, he wanted to exit the Gaines life, because of who he was. Roger Sr.'s son. He thought that Mr. Gaines would be mad, if he found out who he was. But, to his surprise Walter wasn't upset with Ringo. He loved Ringo, as much as he loved Noah.

Sam needed Noah in his life, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Gaines. Sam and Noah were best friends. I liked that. I even liked it more, because they were interracial friends. That was a nice pairing.

Okay, let me touch up on some of Alyssa and Sam. In this book there was lots of tension between this hot, soon to be official couple. Alyssa has loved Sam so much that while he was married. Oh, yeah, Sam was married to a woman by the name of Mary Lou. He married her, because she had a baby for him. Wait a minute, correction, she made herself get pregnant by him on purpose. She was a Navy Seal groupie and wanted a permanent relationship with a Navy Seal. Sam only went to her, out of hurt. That's another story.

I have to say, there is a scene between Sam and Alyssa in Walmart. In a employee only area. I found that scene to be passionate and full of love. Alyssa is a FBI agent and Sam is a Navy Seal. They have a little fight. Well, Alyssa trying to stop Sam from running and hoping he would trust her, when she said that she was going to help him find his daughter. Yes, his daughter with Mary Lou was missing, along with Mary Lou. They were thought to be dead, because Sam haven't seen them in a while, because of his and Mary Lou's separation. She moved to Florida. He went to Florida to visit, to discover a dead body in Mary Lou's apartment. He thought it was Mary Lou and since Haley's body wasn't found. Sam wanted to find her. Getting back to the Walmart scene. Alyssa has done a great job at disguing herself and Sam cleaned up pretty well. Both didn't recognize the other at first. The only reason why Alyssa recognized Sam is because she remembered how he looked in the shower. He had his hair back. Sam recognized Alyssa after she slapped handcuffs on him. In their fighting scene, I've read "I love you and I don't want to be without you" coming from the both of them. The Scene is just romantic to me.

Wow, I have written a lot so far. I will end this by saying that thank goodness they have gotten their HEA.