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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Black Ice by Anne Stuart

Spoiler Warning!

 My Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Theme: Older Man/Younger Woman

Sex Level: Leave it to your imagination

The Hero: Bastien Toussaint

The Heroine: Chloe Underwood

Recommendation: To anyone that is a fan of Anne Stuart and haven't read her Ice Series yet. Anyone that love to read about dangerous bad boys and to anyone that loves the theme, older man.younger woman.

This is the second book that I have read by Mrs. Anne Stuart. I love her writing style. Black Ice is actually the first book in the Ice Series and Fire and Ice is the last book. I have read Fire and Ice first and then this book. I prefer Fire and Ice over this book.

I don't usually like to bring up errors in books, because as a writer myself, I know that errors can be missed in stories.I just want to let anyone that reads my review and is thinking about reading this book know that there is an age error in regards to the hero. I could be wrong, but I strongly believe that Mrs. Anne intended for Bastien to be 34 years old and not 32 years old. Why?, because 34 years old stands tall in the book, although it's stated that he's 32 years old. You first learn that he's 34 years old and then 32 years old and then back to 34 years old. Unless, my eyes have read wrong that's the error I have seen in the book. I am not afraid to stand corrected.

Bastien is stated as being 10 years older than Chloe, but that's not right. He's 11 years older than she is, because she's 23 years old and if he was 32 years old, he would be nine years older than she was, unless Mrs. Anne was looking at a up coming birthday for Chloe - like a silent month.

Chloe is a translator. She lives in Paris with her best friend Syvlia, who also is a translator. One day, Sylvia demanded Chloe to take a translating job for her, because she wanted to go spend time with her much older boyfriend, who happened to be in his late 60's. She wanted Chloe to her without being her. She packed things that belong to her for Chloe to wear. Chloe could have used the money. The job required her to be able to translate English and French for business men. Little did Chloe know that these men were bad men. Sylvia was clueless to this fact as well.

When Chloe gets to her destination, at first her service was being turned around, but that changed, but not without distrust. The people at her destination were people that didn't trust anyone and that include their partners. They were basically enemies working together. This is where Chloe meets Bastien.

Bastien is a good observer, he quickly picked up on Chloe's pretend to be dumb to any other languages besides English and French. She's was lucky, he was the only bad guy that did so.

I know that Bastien was a bad guy. A dangerous bad guy - one that was looking forward to dying.He had the "I don't care if I live or die" attitude.He no longer wanted to do what he was doing with the present role he was in as well as work for the Committee anymore. He was working uncover as a ruthless person, although he could kill without blinking his eyes. The people he was around were bad people too, but he wasn't part of their team. He was a part of The Committee. A group of bad people that likes to get rid of other bad people, to save innocent lives. Why do I call the Committee bad people? Well, the title of assassin wouldn't be part of their status, if they weren't.

I hated that Bastien was a womanizer. I know he was playing a role, but the line wasn't invisible.Bastien walked this road a long time. He started young. I hated that in order for him to get information from women, he used sex. Plus, he took the sex to another level. I will not say when, but it's in the book. I don't want to spoil that part, but I didn't like it.

Chloe was naive. She was asking to be killed. Lol, okay, maybe she wasn't asking to be killed, but she did k now that she was in the midst of wolves and she was their special meal. Why put gas on the wood and light a match. Never try to be sassy in the midst of men that you know are bad men.All I'm going to say is that questions aren't important!

She clinched to Bastien. I know that others may not see this, but she had sex on her mind. 

Okay, let me end this long review. The book is a good fast read.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas

My rating: 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Sex: I found it to be leave it to your imagination.

This was my first book by Lisa Kleypas. I don't usually care for first person books, but this one held my attention, especially, when the sexy laid back billionaire Jack appeared in this book. He was known to be a womanizer, but in this book, he was a gentlemen. He had eyes only for the heroine - Ella. This is book three, so that means that he did his womanizing in the other books or one of the previous books.

Lets see how Ella and Jack came about meeting one another. Ella is an advice columinist and she's known as Miss Independent. She answers to women that needs advice about their love life. She's dedicated to helping them, but what about her own love life? She's dating a guy name Dane and man that she had to change her life to fit his. He eats healthy, so she eats healthy. Eating healthy is not a bad thing, but if you don't get certain things, then I feel you shouldn't do it to make the next person happy. If I like real beef, don't bring me no soy meat.

Ella was with Dane, because he was safe to her. She didn't love him. He wanted the same thing that she wanted. He didn't want to get married or have children. They've dated for four years and double up on their protection to make sure that Ella didn't get pregnant. Both of them looked at marriage as basically two people having a paper bonding them together. The husband had papers on the wife and the wife had papers on the husband, which marriage is not like that.

One day, Ella's mother called her. These two haven't talked to each other in years. I felt sorry for Ella and her sister Tara, because they had to grow up with a woman that didn't love them. Yes, she had them, because to her, she felt that's what a wife did. She gave her husband children. But, what does a mother do with her children? Candy Varner didn't care. She put men over her children and blamed them, when her new husband left her. She didn't believe her children, when they told her that her husband was interested in them and wanted to be with them. It's sad, but a lot of parents ignore what their children are saying, because they don't want to believe that the man in their live, would dare try anything with their children.

Any, Candy called Ella, because Tara left her with a situation that she didn't want to be bothered with. She wanted to be young and she didn't want anything cramping her style. Poor Candy. This world has a lot of Candy's today. She isn't young and she will never be young, even if she's dating a younger man. The woman is nasty too. Why did I say that? Let me just say that she wasn't Ella, but yet, she was with Ella's boyfriend and Ella walked in on them. The guy is nasty too. But, it would be even more hurtful, I would think, if a daughter walked in on their boyfriend with their mother. Their mother, For crying out loud! The woman that gave birth to them and suppose to love them and not go there with a boyfriend or even husband. But, Candy didn't care. The woman tried to make a move on a future man as well.

Ella had no choice but to go see about Tara's baby. Her mother wasn't going to take care of him. She was going to give him to the state. She didn't want her boyfriend to know that she was a grandmother.

Since, Dane was her boyfriend and roommate, because they were living together and sharing the rent - Ella talked to Dane about going to get Tara's baby. Dane came out and told Ella that she could go see about the baby, but that she better come back home alone. What kind of man would do that?

To make a long story short. Ella goes to her mother's house and gets her nephew Luke. Her mother didn't know who the father was and Ella was determined to find out, who the father was, so she gotten in touch with her cousin, who Tara was living with and asked her who the father was. The cousin told her that Tara said it was Jack Travis.

Ella seeks out Jack Travis. She goes to his office and tells him that she wanted him to take a paternity test. He told her that he didn't sleep with Tara. Little to say, she found out quickly from Tara that Jack wasn't the father, because they never slept together.

Tara gives her three months to take care of Luke, while she's in rehab to get some help. Ella falls in love with her nephew. Jack too. From the beginning, Jack showed that he cared for children. He didn't have any of his own, but he did have a nephew too.

Jack falls hard for Ella; to me it was love at first sight. He has been hurt before and his ex never left him alone since she hurt him. They were going to get married, but she broke Jack's heart and gotten married to another man. But that man wasn't good enough for her. Every chance that she has gotten, she came to Jack to bleed on him about her husband.

Jack didn't love his ex. His love for her died a long time ago. I don't blame him, because she hurt him. He didn't deserve what she did to him, no matter what. 

Over the weeks, Jack showed Ella that true love existed. He showed her that opening your heart to truly be love isn't a bad thing. He didn't like Dane. He hated the man from the start. Jack was possessive over Ella and Jealous. He didn't care that she was with Dane. She was his woman. He made his claim on her.

Ella was falling for Jack too, but she wanted to be faithful to Dane. Dane basically told Ella that she wasn't the only one for him. That they had an open relationship. Something that she didn't know about. She been with this man for four years and just found out that their relationship was an open relationship. That showed me that Dane was messing around on Ella. The man didn't love her, because if he did, there wouldn't have been an open relationship and he definitely wouldn't have encourage her to go after Jack. Even Jack was surprised by the man's action. He wondered why Dane didn't want to fight him for Ella. It proved to Jack that Dane never loved Ella.

Okay, I've said enough. Jack and Ella gets their HEA and Luke is included too. Tara gave her son up to Ella.

Why did I give the book three stars? I wanted more. The book was missing something major in my eyes. Don't get me wrong, it's a good quick read, but it did leave me wishing there was more and plus I wanted Ella to give Jack something. You'll have to read the book, to guess what I am talking about.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Against The Odds by Jewels Adams

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars
This is the first book that I have read by Jewel Adams and I've really enjoyed it. I really don't care for books that are in first person, but I liked Mrs. Adams' voice in this book. This is a sweet romance book.

The book is about a woman named Raine, who's a sucessful model and who has gotten divorced from a selfish man. A man that didn't love her one bit. He wants to go play in the chicken pen and thinks he still deserves to have royalty as well.

I'm glad that Raine realized that she deserved better than Jerome. She didn't really married him in the first place, because she was in love with him. Yet, while being married to him, she wanted to be the best wife she could be and treat him with respect and even love him to. She even blindly accepted him wanting to play in the chicken pen, until she woke up.

She didn't need him. She moved on with her life. She moved to New Mexico and went stay with some friends of hers. Caroline and David McKade. That's where she needed to be. A new environment. Model meets farm live.

There she met Hayden Mckade - David's brother.

I like how they became instant friends first and grew into a lovers.

Mrs. Jewel had the Raha seasoning spicing up this love story from the time they have met to the end of the story and when I say spicing up the story, I don't mean sex. There is no detailed sex in this story. I'm talking about the never ending connection between Raine and Hayden in this story. They have fallen deeply in love with each other and neither one wanted the love to die. Their love has been tested, but yet, the seasoning was strong.

Although, this is an interracial story about a black woman and white man falling in love and getting their HEA - the story isn't about race. I mean, the story is about two human being that are in love.

Race should never have a covering on love.

In my opinion, love is colorblind and this story is one of the many stories that is a prime example of that.

My book was an ebook and it was 210 pages, not the 178 pages that the original book is. Mrs. Jewel has added more to the ebook and I'm glad that she did.

I hope one day to own the printed version as well.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fire and Ice by Anne Stuart

Fire and Ice is the first book that I have read by Mrs. Anne Stuart. She's my kind of writer. She's a tension writer and I love reading and writing tension. We also have dialogue in common.

Fire and Ice is her last book to her Ice series. I want to go back and read her other books. My buddy Danielle likes this author. She's one of her favorite authors and she highly recommend this author and her work and I can see why.
I've given the books 4/5 stars.

In this book, Mrs. Stuart has a hero named Reno. He's a rebel. He has long red hair, a teardrop tattoo on his cheekbone and another tattoo on his arm, if I am not mistaken. He's a killing machine. That's his life. Although, I have never seen the movie Ninja Assassin and only seen the trailer, I have to say that, Reno reminds me of Rain/Raizo.

Reno had killed a lot of men in this book. Why? To protect Jilly, his cousin's Taka's sister-in-law.
Jilly is this 20 year old young woman, who is running to Japan to seek comfort from her older sister, because she did something that she regrets and that's sleeping with her slim ball boyfriend. He just wanted sex from her and laughed at her, afterwards.  She didn't know how to handle that kind of rejection. The young lady is a nerd. Smarty. She graduated high school at 15 years old and college at 18 years old. In my opinion, she was experimenting. She experimenting kissing for the first time with her tutor or was that a tutor?
She has a huge crush on Reno. Every sense she saw him two years prior, she fell deeply into a crush with him. But, she doesn't know that he knows that fact. Her sister knows and her sister told him. Reno is twenty seven years old.

Reno learned that Jilly was going to Japan. She was clueless to the fact that her sister and her husband was in hiding from the Russians. Reno volunteers to go be her hero. Reno and his family believes in protecting family and although she wasn't his family, she was his cousin's family and that made her part of the family, so he needed to protect her.

Those two didn't get alone. Of course, Reno, being the bad guy that he is. He treated her bad and talked to her bad. That's the character of a bad boy. He's going to say hurtful things to the heroine - one, because he wants to protect her from the bad guy and that bad guy can be himself and two, because he likes her. He's falling deeply in love with her and is scared.

Why are heroes scared to fall in love with the heroine? We have yet to find out.
There's a scene where they go to spend the night in a Japanese capsule. I had to look that up and I have to say that thing is not made for two people. I don't think that I could sleep in something like that. Can I say, Claustrophia?

Reno fought hard not to fall in love with the annoying Jilly. When she saved his life and went into quiet land, he was wishing that she was annoying then.

I'm glad that their love scenes weren't too detailed. In my opinion it was more on the line of leave it to the imagination. Mrs. Stuart let her readers know what Reno and Jilly was doing, but didn't go there and I am glad she didn't.

Sex doesn't move me. I can do without sex. Give me tension and a love story.
I recommend this book to anyone that loves an action pack book and a bad boy with red heart, bleeding white blood.

I hope to find more books by Mrs. Stuart.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Killer Dreams by Iris Johansen (Jock)

I have written a review about this book on Goodreads. I've given the book  3.5 stars out of 5 stars. 

I'm not going to review the book here. I want to talk about a secondary character/hero - Jock. I hope the he gets  his own book. He's definitely hero material and he needs his own book.

Why Jock has caught my attention? He's a mystery.  Facts about Jock: He's in his twenties. He's Scottish. He's a trained killer, due to an experiment, but he's a good guy or as I would say, a good bad guy.
I want to know his full story. I want to know about all his present.
Jock is the type of guy, you would see in a room full of people and he would stand out. Not because he wants to stand out, but because there something mysterious about him. He doesn't even have to say a word to anyone, not even you. Yet, he's speaking loudly. He's a good dangerous. The type of hero, you want to unlock with a key. His eyes tells a story. The way he walks tells a story. Just being him tells a story.

He reminds me of another character from a different book. John Medina, one of Linda Howard's characters. John is a mysterious man as well. I have emailed Mrs. Johansen and asked her if Jock will have his own book or if he already has his own book. I'm waiting for her to email me back.
I like a good, dangerous good bad boy.

Friday, November 27, 2009

NaNoWriMo Award

Tonight, about fifteen minutes ago, I have reached my 50,000 words for my NanoWriMo challenge. I am not finshed with my story. It's a cliffhanger right now. According to Word, I've typed 50,339 words and the NanoWriMo site, I've typed 50,336 words. It's all good.

I don't desire to be published, but I have to say that this challenge was fun. I thank two of my buddies - Danielle, Rae and Deanna for encouraging me to give this challenge a try.

I honestly didn't know what I was going to write about. On November 1, 2009, I just started writing, my interracial BWWM, story called The Meeting. It's a story about a CSI Agent - Matthew, who falls in love with the woman, he helped off the road, when her car stopped. Little did he know, they had a connection. Diamond works as a Exectuive Assistant, for a Designing company - De Lasha Designs and Matthew's father had used the comapny to work on his house a few years back.

Two years ago, Matthew's girlfriend dumps him, because a drug dealer shot at him and the bullet graze him. Jennifer couldn't take being with him anymore. She was scared for his life, she claims.

Matthew was hurt and it took him three months to get over Jennifer, because of how long they have been together. A year and a half.

But thank goodness, for him being on the road that afternoon, when Diamond's car stopped. From the little time they have spent with each other,they have fallen in love with one another. They have only dated for a month.

I will pick up from where I've left off with this story at a later time. I have so many stories to get back to and I have to get back to Courage. I miss Chocolate and Parris.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sam Starrett and Ashton "Ash" Starrett Relationship

Before leaving work today, Sam and Ashton came to my mind and this is why I believe Suzanne is letting Sam have more "book time" with Ash. She's showing what a father and son relationship is suppose to be like. Sam's father would beat him, when he was younger. How he treated Sam, I doubt that the man spent time with him, when he was a baby. He probably did some horrible things to Sam then too. Sam loves his son and he's there for his son. He's a father to his son, something his father never was. I am happy that Sam had a chance to meet his uncle Walter. Walter showed Sam was love was all about and how to treat "a son."

Before the news of Alyssa being pregnant in All Through The Night, I've told two of my buddies that I had a feeling that Alyssa was going to be pregnant and that she was going to have a son and eventually that is what happened. I am glad that they had a son. I wanted Ash to be a mommy's boy, which I think he still is, but I am glad that she's a father's boy too. Sam needed a son. He need a father and son bond. He missed out on having a real father. He's going to be there for Ash.

I hope to read more about Sam, Alyssa and Ash later on. I want to see more Alyssa and Ash time as well. I want to see the three spend more time too.